Bullied To Death

MaKayla is bullied her whole life. At home, at school, everywhere. As a 17 year old girl, she can't take it anymore. She has no friends, no family, no boyfriend. Then she finally ends it....


4. Going Home

"Why?" Her mother asked her as they walked into the house.

"Two days in a row! What is going on?" She continued.

"Mom, I'm tired of being bullied. I'm bullied at school, online, and dad abuses me here. I can't take it mom!"

"Sweetie it is hard, but I am leaving your father tonight! We will leave tomorrow." 

"Thanks mom," she hugged her mother and went to her room. 

She decided to get on facebook. Three messages. Two messages telling her to kill herself and one from James. 

MaKayla, I am so sorry about today. I didn't mean it, it was wrong for me to do. You have to understand they wouldn't stop until I did it. They know I like you, and they are trying to make me suffer, as they have you. Please forgive me?

No, she thought. I can't forgive him. He did it and the damage is already done. It said he was online right now, but she wasn't in the mood to talk to him. Her facebook beeped, another message.

I know you're online. Please talk to me!

She sighed then closed her computer. There was nothing for her to do on it anymore. After she laid down in her bed, then she heard yelling and a loud thunk. She was too scared to look, so she didn't get up. 

"MaKayla!" Her mother yelled as she ran into her room locking the door.

She saw blood on her mothers head, "mom are you okay?" 

"Go out the window, run!"

"I'm not leaving without you mother!" 

"You have to!

"I love you mom." 

"I love you too honey!" 

MaKayla climbed out of the window and hit the ground. She heard her mother scream, which caused her to stop. Then she saw her mother's body fall out of the window. She cried as she saw her mother's lifeless body on the ground. Her father had killed her mother, maybe she would be next. She ran into the woods, and she collapsed by a tree. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She looked for her razor, but it wasn't on her. So, she curled up in a ball and slept under a tree in the middle of the woods. 

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