Bullied To Death

MaKayla is bullied her whole life. At home, at school, everywhere. As a 17 year old girl, she can't take it anymore. She has no friends, no family, no boyfriend. Then she finally ends it....


14. Change

"Here's the deal," Keith said.

"What?" MaKayla said scaredly. 

"You can be 'released' if you wanna say. With a few conditions." 

"W-what?" She asked quietly.

"One. You'll be the housewife." 

She nodded.

"Two. You won't leave. If you leave for like the store or something you come back, if not, i'll find you and kill you." 

She nodded again.

"Three. You will be my sex slave. I get what I want, when I want. And if you refuse, i'll just force you." 

She nodded. "Okay," she whispered.

"Good. Well i'm hungry so go cook me some breakfast. Oh, and put one of my t-shirts on. Don't want the guys getting too excited." He winked at her.


She walked into the kitchen. At first she thought about running. Where would she go? The woods? He'd find her in a heart beat. She made some eggs and bacon and took them back into the room to Keith. She was scared he wouldn't like them and he'd hit her, but he liked them. For once she wasn't hit or raped. She went back into the kitchen and cleaned up her mess. Maybe no, things weren't as bad. 


"MaKayla!" Keith yelled. She knew what was coming.

"Coming," she responded, she walked into the room.

"I want sex- now!"

"But-" she started but he cut her off by throwing her on the bed.


She didn't want him. Well, she did before he turned into what he is now. He had his way with her for about 30 mins. She cried, and begged him to stop. He just hit her, and told her to shut up, or he'd have one of the guys do it too. This made her be quiet. After he was done, he left the room; leaving her alone. He locked the door behind him. For the second time in a row, she cried herself to sleep, and she slept until 2 pm. She woke up to find she was alone. 

Maybe, she thought. Maybe I can get away, and he can't find me. Wait, what am I thinking? He would find me in a heart beat. 

There was no way she could get away from Keith so, she tried to get out of the room. To her surprise, the door had been unlocked. She went downstairs and made lunch for all of the guys, as soon as she was done, they all showed up. She sat down and ate with the guys.

"MaKayla." Keith said.

"What?" She shaked again.

"You're going to be my wife."

"No." She said! 

"Excuse me!" He said.

"I-" he interrupted her.

"You're going to marry me. 

"Okay." She whispered.


Now, her life was officially over.

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