Jodie Taylor is a normal nineteen year old girl, except for the fact that she is famous. To get more fans and publicity, her management asks her to fake date a boy from the well-known boy band One Direction. Jodie isn't a fan of One Direction at all, she hates them, will she ever get along with her fake boyfriend? Will it be believable?


1. Chapter 1

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be famous?

I’m sure you have, everyone has at least one time in their life.

For me, it was my dream to be famous; to be able to sing and share my music with the world. I’m not doing this for the fame, I sing because I love to. Being famous, in my opinion, is just a disadvantage. I find it hard to see a good point. You get paparazzi following your every move (if your that famous), you can’t date anyone without being judged, you can’t voice your own opinion on Twitter without the whole world knowing and one bad word and your reputation is ruined for good. You have to always leave the house looking one-hundred per cent perfect. One hair out of place and the whole world is laughing.

My name is Jodie Taylor Daniels. Better known as Jodie Taylor. I am nineteen years old and my career started when I was seventeen.

I didn’t enter any TV talent shows like Britain’s Got Talent or The X-Factor. In my eyes I see the people that get a career out of those can never be as successful as they got an easy way into the singing business. They see it as easy, they feel as if they don’t need to work hard. That’s why you don’t hear about them three years after they leave the competition. You have to work for everything in life, that’s why I entered talent contests locally and sang in the streets. Occasionally my older brother, Jake, would take me into pubs so I could sing.

Three weeks after my seventeenth birthday I got signed to a record label. It’s not a well-known record label, but I didn’t care.

Two years after, I have done exactly one tour so far and have released one album along with several singles.


It’s my day off today. I plan to meet Laura, my one and only best friend, at the local café. When I wasn’t working, I either spent the day in my flat with Laura, or spent the day out with her. She’s the closest thing I have to a sister.

I place my bowl in the dishwasher with my spoon before turning to the window to look out at London. After five minutes of daydreaming, I turn and head towards the bathroom to take a shower.

After my fifteen minute long shower, I pull on my black skinny jeans along with my white Paramore t-shirt. I then drag a brush through my orange hair (Mum argues that my hair is strawberry blonde) and tie it back into a ponytail. I apply a few coats of mascara and grab my shoes.

My phone vibrates on the side and I pick it up.

Laura: Walking to the café now. See you in five minutes.

“Shit.” I curse before slipping my phone into my pocket and pulling on my white converse. I grab my bag and head out of the flat.



“30 seconds late.” Laura mocks me. I sit down on the chair opposite her. Her annoyingly straight hair is pulled into a side plait. I always felt jealous of her hair, my hair is curly and annoying, and hers is perfect and straight. Her eyes were outlined with the usual black eyeliner which made her hazel eyes stand out.

“Sorry,” I apologise. “You know how stubborn my hair is.”

“It’s not that bad.” She replies before taking a sip from her tea.

“Why don’t you ever drink coffee?” I ask her. She shrugs and sets her cup down.

“I never liked it when I was fifteen; I doubt four years will make a difference.” She replies. I stand up from my chair and walk over to the counter and order myself a latte. Today will be the day she tries coffee.

I place my cup of coffee in front of her. “Try some.” I urge her. She nods and takes a sip. Her face screws up in disgust immediately.

“I told you, four years won’t make a difference.” She complains and takes a sip from her cup. I grab my coffee and drink some. My phone vibrates and I pull it out from my pocket. I look at the screen.

It was management.

“Hi, Nathan.” I say into the phone and roll my eyes.

“Meet us at the office in ten minutes.” He instructs.

“I’m kinda busy right now.” I reply. I can’t ditch Laura!

“It’s fine, go.” Laura mutters. I nod at her.

“Fine, I’ll see you in ten minutes.” I sigh and hang up. I down my coffee and place my cup back on the table. I grab my bag and say goodbye to Laura before leaving the café.



I sat opposite Nathan in his office. Modest! Were an okay management, but they are super bossy.

“We have come to an agreement to set you up with a fake boyfriend to attract more publicity for you.” Nathan begins. I nod my head and he continues. “It will be for a year. It may seem bad at first, but by the end you will find that you have more fans which of course means that your album will be bought more.”

“Who?” I ask curiously. I hope it’s not some asshole, I would not like to spend a whole year with someone who could only think about himself.

“Liam Payne.” He says. The name rang a bell in the back of my mind. I raise my eyebrows. “He’s in the band One Direction.”

“Oh.” I say. That’s where I heard his name. “Explains why I don’t recognise his name.”

“You don’t like them?” He asks. I shake my head and point to my t-shirt.

“Kinda obvious their music isn’t my style.” I say. He nods.

“You have a date tonight, that’s when you get to meet him.”

“But it’s my day off today!” I protest.

“Sorry, you’ll be getting paid for this though. For the whole year the both of you will be paid weekly for being together.” He tells me. I nod. Of course, they always try to bribe us with money.

I say bye before leaving his office and leaving the building. As I leave the building, One Direction enter. Which one was Liam? They were all pretty good looking. I obviously knew who Harry Styles was, who didn’t? I saw his face on magazines. Especially when he and Taylor Swift were dating. I was so happy when they broke up, he was way too young for her and seems like a player. I also found out he has a thing for older women. Explains why they were dating.

I climb into my car – a light blue Volvo C30 – and drove home.


“Liam Payne!” Laura screams. “Wow!”

“It’s not a real relationship.” I say.

“I know, but still!” She squeals. She’s a huge ‘Directioner’.

“If I let you meet him, will you promise to stop screaming.” I beg and she nods.

“When!?” She squeals. I run my hand through the end of my ponytail. “Sorry!”

“I don’t know, Loz.” I say and she nods.

“You have an hour till you have to meet him.” Laura tells me. “So get ready!”


I sit at the table on my own waiting for Liam. He was half an hour late and I couldn’t help but feel irritated. Had he forgotten or was he purposely standing me up?

At that moment someone sat in the chair opposite me.

“Sorry I’m late.” Liam, I’m guessing, says.

“It’s fine.” I mutter.

“What’s your name?” He asks me.

I raise my eyebrows. “Didn’t they tell you?”

“Yeah, I forgot.” He says and shrugs. Liam looks as if he really didn’t want to be here. His brown hair looks as if he went through a bush backwards. He was also wearing the same faded blue jeans from earlier; the only difference was that he was wearing a light blue button up shirt. I now regret wearing my beige dress.

“It’s Jodie.” I say. I bite my tongue to stop myself from throwing an insult at him.

“Jodie . . .?” He replies.

“Taylor.” I snap.

“Never heard of you and they say you’re doing well.” Liam mocks. I wanted to slap him so badly.

“I got signed two years ago and I write all my own music.” I say bitterly. Liam coughs to cover a chuckle. “I also didn’t enter some TV show to get famous and unlike you I write my own music instead of people writing the music for me, so it took me a year and a half to write an album which has done well. I also don’t have gullible five year olds buying my music.” He looks at me and I could tell he was insulted.

“Are you implying that I have no talent?” He asks.

“Yes, yes I am.” I snap.

“You’re such a bitch.” He sneers.

Before I could insult him back, a waiter arrived at the table to take our orders.

“What would you like to drink?” The waiter asks. I look away from Liam and notice that the waiter was gorgeous. He had short black hair and blue eyes that were bright.

“I would like a coke please.” I say.

“Beer please.” Liam says and the waiter nods before writing it down and walking away.

“Drinking alcohol isn’t a good idea since you will influence five year old girls to drink.” I say bitterly.

“Haha, very funny.” Liam says sarcastically. I give him a grin. At that moment are drinks are placed in front of us.

I take a sip of my drink at the same time he takes a sip of his. I pull my phone out of my small shoulder bag and text Laura.

Me: Ugh, this is awful. He’s such an asshole.

Laura: It can’t be that bad. Want me to save you?

Me: I can’t, management will kill me.

Laura: Fine, you’ll be calling me by the end of the night ;)

Me: Sure, sure.

“You do realise texting while at the table is rude.” Liam says. I roll my eyes and lock my phone before putting it in my bag.

“Yes, I know, but I would much rather talk to my best friend than talk to you.” I snap.

“Why don’t you invite her down?” He asks.

“She hates One Direction, she’ll chop your head off.” I lie. I bit my tongue to stop myself from grinning.

“Oh.” He murmurs.

“You assumed she would like you!” I laugh. He scowls at me and takes another sip of his beer.

The rest of the night dragged by, except when we were eating. I was excited to just go home and go to bed. The following year will be torture.

As we left the restaurant together, Liam leaned closer to me.

“What are you doing?” I hiss.

“Kissing you for the paps.” He tells me. Oh. He leans in and presses his lips to mine. I pull away quickly and wave goodbye before walking to my car. 

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