Guilt [Harry Potter AU]

Ron and Harry, the inseparable pair. Everyone loves them. Everyone. Not one person can say a thing bad about them. Heck, Even Draco Malfoy loves him. Although there is one girl who doesn't like them. Her name? It's Hermione Granger.
And she does something that makes Harry and Ron feel guilty for the rest of their lives.


5. Suffering Through Hell

Hermione groaned as she picked herself up off of the floor for the 7th time that week. It was a few weeks before the spring term ended and the students were allowed to go home for two weeks. Not that Hermione was planning to go home, considering home was almost worse than being at school, but only almost. Hermione raked a hand through her fringe and limped off towards her next lesson, which happened to be Herbology. In which Gryffindors were sharing with the Slytherins, it was hell every lesson her house had lessons with the Slytherins, but she suffered through it. Like she had managed everyday of school so far. She made her way to the greenhouses and tapped timidly on the door of them, seeing they had already started lessons. The greenhouse door opened and she saw all of the students were wearing earmuffs, Professor Spout was too.
        "Sorry I'm late Professor." Hermione said to her, she stepped inside of the greenhouse and then looked around the room, for a place to stand. The only available space was right by Malfoy.
        "God damn it." She muttered under her breath, making her way to stand by him. Once she was stood by  Malfoy him, Malfoy gave her a sly smile. He shoved her lightly, pushing her into the neighbouring students and toppling them all over. Hermione gave a yelp as she fell onto Lavender Brown, one of the Trio's fangirls. Hermione groaned, picking herself up and placing a pair of periwinkle earmuffs over her ears, apologising for disrupting the lesson, for the lesson that was about to commence.
        Hermione made her way out of the greenhouse as the lesson ended, she could see somebody waking up Neville, whom had fainted sometime near the start of the lesson. She sighed softly and made her way into the castle, she could already feel the stares pricking at her skin. She was just happy that they were halfway through the year, she wouldn't be able to stand this for longer than a few months more, because it was utter torture. And she didn't appreciate torture, although, it was highly doubtful that anybody did. The lessons of the day went by in a blur and soon enough Hermione could retire to the library. Nobody bothered her in there, it was her safe haven because all of the students in there ignored her, and barely acknowledged her existence, which Hermione was awfully thankful for. She also wished that everybody else in the school would barely acknowledge her existence, but it was evident that that would never happen. It was also evident that she'd never make friends, because any friends she'd make would be cruelly snatched away from her, like the friend she could have possibly made at the very start of the year. She had seen Luna a few times throughout the year, Hermione remembered, and each time Draco appeared to be with her everytime. It had made her wonder if they were dating, which was probably odd. Not that Hermione cared what people thought of her thoughts, nobody would bother to ask about them anyway. All they bothered about was making her life a living hell, and they succeeded.
        Hermione looked at the book that she'd pulled out of her bag and laid in front of her. It was one of her favourite books, Hogwarts: A History, she'd read it more than just a couple times, and she'd actually lost count of how many times she had read it. Her eyes skimmed over the first page and she smiled, reading was her escape, and she appreciated the escape far more than anybody ever noticed. After a few hours of being in the Library, Hermione realised that she'd probably have to head back to her dormitory before she got into trouble for being out past curfew. Hermione sighed and placed a bookmark into the book, marking the page she had read upto, placed the book into her bag and made her way through the corridors and to the dormitory, using a mirror around corners to be safe. Students had been warned about a monster, and Hermione had figure out what type already, so to be safe she had made as many precautions as possible to make sure she wasn't killed. As Hermione was rounding a corner she looked at the mirror, and was met by a pair of huge yellow eyes.
        Hermione couldn't remember most of the year. How could she, when she'd spent most of in paralysed in the Hospital Wing? When she wasn't petrified all she could hear were tales about Harry's 'Courageous trip down into the Chamber of Secrets' and how he'd saved the youngest Weasley sibling. She was happy for the girl, of course she was, she was just irritated that Harry Potter was now the hero of the school, nobody even thought to find out if he had done anything bad to any of his fellow students. Of course they wouldn't, all they cared about was the 'Glorious Harry Potter and his loyal friends, Ronald Weasley and Draco Malfoy'. It was appalling how many people ignored the pain and suffering that she was put through by the awful three. The thought of everybody sucking upto the trio made her cringe. Hermione thought about this as she sank into the cushions of the compartment, completely thankful for the year to be finally over. She fell asleep slowly, the compartment was warm and she had finally gotten comfy. It wasn't long before she was awoken though, somebody managed to stumble into her compartment and woke her up. Although as soon as they saw Hermione they yelped and quickly left. They obviously didn't want to be seen with her, not that she cared, really. Nobody ever wanted to be seen with her, because if they were, they'd be bullied mercilessly by Malfoy, Potter & Weasley. Hermione let out a sigh and noticed that they were arriving near King's Cross Station, and she should change into Muggle clothes. Hermione shut the blind on the Compartment door and the window blind and quickly changed into her muggle clothing, and tucked her robes into her trunk.
        The train pulled into the station and Hermione sighed, it was now time to suffer through a summer of boredom.

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