Guilt [Harry Potter AU]

Ron and Harry, the inseparable pair. Everyone loves them. Everyone. Not one person can say a thing bad about them. Heck, Even Draco Malfoy loves him. Although there is one girl who doesn't like them. Her name? It's Hermione Granger.
And she does something that makes Harry and Ron feel guilty for the rest of their lives.


4. Short Beginnings, No Endings

Hermione rested her head on the wall of her compartment. She knew what was coming for her, and she knew it wouldn't stop. The students had it out for her, even the older students. She sighed and glanced out of the window, the country side was beautiful, she wished she could stay out there, where no-one could find her and where no-one knew her. She heard the compartment door open and smiled at the person who entered. The person who entered was female, she could tell that, she was also blonde and looked around 11. It was obviously her first year at Hogwarts.
        "I-Is it okay if I sit here?" The person who entered asked timidly. Hermione nodded and let her sit down on the other side of the compartment. "I'm Hermione, Hermione Granger." Hermione said, inrtoducing herself.
"I-I'm Luna." The girl answered back. Hermione nodded, smiling still, "Is this your first year?" She asked Luna. Luna nodded, surprised that this girl was so nice. She'd heard what they were saying about her whilst she was walking down the corridor, she didn't even realise that she was sat with the infamous Hermione Granger, until the bushy-haired girl had said her name.
        A few hours passed and the two girls were almost at Hogwarts. Over the summer holidays Hermione had told her parents about the bullying she was receiving, but they didn't do anything, just offered her a hug and then went on with their business. Hermione sighed softly when she thought about what her parents had done.. She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard the compartment door click open again, who'd be coming in there now? She looked at the door to see the trio of people she didn't want to see.
"Ugh? You're sitting with this loser? You must be a loser too." Ron said to Luna. Luna panicked and shook her head. "N-No. I was just, she came into my compartment! I couldn't do anything..." Luna looked at Hermione and mouthed a small, 'Sorry' and then stood up.
"Come sit with us then." Draco smiled at the blonde haired girl, and then sneered at Hermione. "You don't want to be caught with the likes of.. Her. You're lucky we found you in time." He took Luna's hand and held onto it tightly, making sure she couldn't let go. Hermione watched at the four of them left the compartment, Hermione had now lost the only friend she'd ever have the chance to make. The only thing Hermione knew to do was curl up into a ball and cry, it had happened a lot the previous school year, and it was something Hermione was so accustomed to doing, that it was normal. Hermione could feel the tears running down her cheaks, but didn't bother to wipe them away, there was no-one there to see them, so there was no point in getting rid of them.
        It was a few weeks into the school year and Hermione was, undoubtedly, alone. No-one liked her, not even the first years, especially not since Draco, Ron and Harry were patrolling the school and dragging away anyone who went to talk to her. Loneliness was all she felt, all she could feel, all she'd ever feel. It wasn't a pleasant feeling, but she knew that she'd suffer silently forever, especially considering that when she told Professor McGonagall about it, all she'd done was nod and sternly tell off two of the girls who happened to be bullying her, Cho Chang and Pansy Parkinson. Then, after being scolded, they both came up to her and hit her to the floor, kicking her once each and then pulling her hair. She knew she was being bullied but she had no way of stopping it, so there was no point in trying. Snapping out of her thought sequence, Hermione sighed softly and wondered what it'd be like to have not been left alone, maybe she'd have even been friends with the 'Golden Trio', as Draco, Ron and Harry were so named. She knew it'd never happen in a million years, but a girl could dream as much as she wanted to. Hermione heard footsteps walking towards her and she frowned, she could run, or she could just stand there, which was she to do?... Hermione didn't make her decision quick enough and saw the person the footsteps belonged to. Cedric Diggory. He was, undoubtedly, the cutest guy at Hogwarts and all of the girls fancied him. He was in his 5th year, only 3 years older than Hermione herself. Hermione let out a small 'Meep' of panic and started walking again, as to not get bumped into by the 5th year. She hurried along quickly, moving out of his way slightly and then rounding the corner when she came to it. It wasn't until she heard a familiar sneer that she stopped walking,
        "My my, look at who we have here. The bushy-haired freak!" Draco smirked as the crowd around him started to laugh. He looked at the girl, no remorse of what he'd said. He made his way towards her, towering over Hermione intimidatingly, "Anything you want to say?" He asked with a smug expression. Hermione shook her head.
        "I-I'd just like t-to get past." Hermione stuttered timidly, scared of what the people surrounding her would do.
"Would you really?" Asked Ron, walking to stand behind Draco, soon followed by Harry Potter. The three sent glares towards her, making Hermione feeling even more scared.
"Not that we care what you'd like. You're not worth our time." Draco cruelly told her, laughing evilly after he did so. He pushed Hermione into Ron, who pushed her into Harry, who then pushed her back into Draco, just making Hermione feel like she was a pinball. After a moment, when Hermione was pushed to Draco, Draco stepped to the side and let Hermione fall to the ground. The three kicked Hermione's side once and then walked off, leaving Hermione on the floor in pain and late for her next lesson.


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