Guilt [Harry Potter AU]

Ron and Harry, the inseparable pair. Everyone loves them. Everyone. Not one person can say a thing bad about them. Heck, Even Draco Malfoy loves him. Although there is one girl who doesn't like them. Her name? It's Hermione Granger.
And she does something that makes Harry and Ron feel guilty for the rest of their lives.


3. No Saviour Today

It was Halloween, and Hermione thought the time had flown by. She was walking along behind Harry and Ron, who seemed to be talking about something, although Hermione was unsure what it was about.. She walked a little closer and found it was about her... She heard the hurtful things and ran to the girls toilets on th 3rd floor. Despite how much she hated to, she skipped lessons, didn't show up for lunch nor did she show up for dinner, infact, she didn't even move from her spot in the toilets until she heard a grunting noise coming from outside. She looked out of the cubicle she was in and saw a grey troll standing infront of her. She screamed, it was bloodcurdling. She saw the troll lift its arm, the one holding a heavy wooden club, and the last thing she remembers was seeing Madam Pomfrey, Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall enter the room before her world went black.
        Hermione woke up in the hospital wing two days later, annoyed that she'd missed two whole days worth of lessons. She groaned, swinging her legs over the side of the bed and going to get up. She stood up and her legs felt wobbly, but she soon enough gained her strength. She made her way down the hallways and then to the Great Hall. It must have been lunchtime because the whole school was gathered in there. Hermione made her way to a seat at the Gryffindor table, slightly subconscious about the whispers from the other students. 'Skiver', 'I wonder what gave her the right to skip lessons for two days'. Hermione didn't remember much about what happened, but she was pretty sure being what she thought to be unconscious for two days, gave her enough grounds to be absent for lessons. She shook her head, feeling the glares boring into her back. She looked at the food, suddenly losing her appetite. She sighed and stood up, heading upto her dorm. She sat in there and words trailed around her mind. 'Fat,' 'You're stupid' 'You're disgusting'. Hermione frowned and shook her head, bringing her out of the sadness. Why was she thinking such things? She was only 11, she shouldn't think like that! She looked around her dorm and then at the pillows on her bed. She put her face into the pillow and screamed, thankful for the pillowing muffling would would have been, a VERY loud scream.
        Weeks passed and soon Christmas arrived, words had been spat at Hermione all year starting from October, it was obvious all of the students hated her. Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley didn't help. They were the worst of the lot. Draco may have been in Slytherin, but the three of them were best of friends, and Hermione hated it. They acted like they ruled the school, they also shot cruel words to her everytime they spotted her. These words consisted of: Fat, Buck-toothed, Ugly, Bushy-haired freak, what made it worse was that almost all of the students joined in with it. It wasn't good for her, not really. Her self-esteem was already at the lowest of the low when she entered that school, now the students were just dragging it lower. She shook her head, rushing upto the dorm, the tears threatening to spill. She wouldn't let them see her cry, she wouldn't let them see that their words hurt her, although each and every word stung. They impaled themselves in her mind, positioned there forever. She crashed onto her bed, the tears streaming down her cheeks. How could they say such hurtful things to an eleven year old girl? Why would they say such hurtful things to an eleven year old girl? What had happened? What did Hermione do to them? What made them hate her so? Hermione didn't know, and she'd never know, although the only thing she wanted was knowledge of why they hated her, maybe then she could change it...
        The year ended quickly after that, insults being thrown into the air around the, now, twelve year old girl, she'd thought of suicide more than once, but didn't have the guts to properly do it, no. Not. Yet atleast. The bushy-haired girl sighed as she dragged her trunk along behind her and finding an empty compartment in the train. She watched as the Blonde haired boy, Draco Malfoy, walked in and sneered at her. "Oops. I found a freak." He laughed at her, he could sense the cruel words hurt her, but that was what he wanted, he wanted her to feel pain.
        And recently, that was all the girl felt.

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