Guilt [Harry Potter AU]

Ron and Harry, the inseparable pair. Everyone loves them. Everyone. Not one person can say a thing bad about them. Heck, Even Draco Malfoy loves him. Although there is one girl who doesn't like them. Her name? It's Hermione Granger.
And she does something that makes Harry and Ron feel guilty for the rest of their lives.


2. First Meetings

  The bushy haired girl sighed, making her way through the claustrophobic hallways of the train. She was heading northwards to a place called Hogwarts, somewhere she had been accepted to, for apparently being a witch. She sighed as she finally saw an empty compartment. She looked around the small space and then sat down on the uncomfortable blue bench on the left side of the compartment. She looked up to see a buck-toothed boy open the compartment, he seemed to be about her age.
        "H-Hi there. I-I'm Neville. H-Have you seen Tr-Trevor? He's-He's my Toad." The stoutly boy, who Hermione now knew to be Neville, said to her. "No," She replied kindly, "But I can surely help you find him, if you wish?" She smiled at him when he nodded and she stood up. Brushing her untameable bushy hair behind her ear. She walked through the halls, entering each compartment and asking the same question over and over. It got repetitive, but currently she didn't care. She just wanted to help somebody, like the thoughtful person she was.
        Soon enough she came upon a compartment that currently housed two boys, one gangly looking one with ginger hair and freckles, and another bony looking one with Raven black hair and glasses.
        "Have you seen a toad? A boy named Neville's lost one." She asked them both, to which they shook their heads. She saw the ginger one was holding a brown furry rat and his wand. "Oh, you're doing magic? Let's see then." She walked into the compartment and sat down across from the two boys. She watched as the ginger one muttered a spell to the rat, waving his wand over it. The spell didn't work, it was a dud. "Are you sure that's a real spell?" She asked him, "Well it's not a very good one." The girl shook her head, smiling slightly, and stuck out her hand, offering for the two to shake it. "I'm Hermione Granger, a first year."
"Ron Weasley" The ginger one said to her, not smiling at her. In all honesty, the ginger haired boy thought she was rather annoying.
"Harry-" The raven haired boy looked at the girl infront of him, who'd just interrupted him. "I know who you are!" She exclaimed, slightly in excitement. "You're Harry Potter!" As soon as she said this, Ron turned to look at him. "Really?" The raven-haired boy nodded and looked at the two of them. "Do you really have the- the scar?" He asked them, gesturing to his own forehead. Harry pulled back his fringe, showing him the jagged lightning bolt scar on his forehead. "Whoa" Hermione and Ron said in unison. Hermione glanced out of the window and then back at the two infront of her. "You two should really change into your robes, I suspect we'll be arriving soon."
        Soon enough the three of them were lined up in the Great Hall and the students were being sorted. Currently, it was only upto people with the surnames beginning with 'E'. Hermione wasn't particularly paying attention until she heard her name called out, that was when she begin to get jittery, but despite her nerves she made her way to the stool and had the hat placed on her head, where it dropped over her eyes slightly. She heard a small voice in the back of her head saying some things, but she wasn't paying attention to it because of her nervous. The girl shook her bushy head to snap her out of it and heard the hat call a name, the word Gryffindor had been shouted to the whole school. Hermione made her way to the table that was cheering the loudest and then sat down next to a curly haired ginger boy wearing glasses and a red prefects' badge. She smiled and immediately began to talk with him. Soon enough it was Harry Potter's turn. Harry made his way up to the stool and sat down, feeling the hat drop onto his head. He muttered the words 'Not Slytherin, Please Not Slytherin', to the hat nervously. Harry didn't want to be with the house that looked the meanest, no way. He heard the hat call out the house and he heard the Gryffindor table go wild.

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