Dear Harry

When Harry met Katie, he knew it was time to turn over a new leaf. Always the sleep-around careless popstar famous for being in One Direction, he heads out for tour with the other four boys. He then meets Katie on his travels, they both like each other and it quickly grows into the kind of love that leaves Katie vowing to wait for Harry while he finishes his tour.
What the loved-up couple don't realise is that Harry's fame will change everything, resulting in another tour for the big band, One Direction. And then sadly, Katie starts experiencing feelings for someone else while Harry is away on his second tour. "Dear Harry..." It reads, and both of the young lovers lives are changed.


2. Part One

Manchester 2013

Harry's P.O.V:

"Hey babe!" I wince as Louis screeches down the phone to his girlfriend, Eleanor. I rub my temples applying pressure to them, I can predict a headache is in store for me today. Our flight from Australia was okay but it didn't help that I didn't fall asleep last night until three AM and we were leaving at six. That meant only around an hour sleep considering we were forced to look pampered and fresh at that ridiculous time of the morning, even though we were getting on a flight for hours. When we finally arrived in England all the boys except Louis scampered off. Liam returned to Wolverhampton, Niall had booked a flight over to Ireland in advance and left the minute we stepped on land, Zayn went back to Bradford, and here I am stuck with Louis in Manchester. In case you're wondering, neither Louis or I have relations in Manchester but Eleanor lives here so you get my point. I would return home to my family but Gemma (my sister) is gone out with friends and my mum and step-dad have taken a short holiday cruise that they have been planning for months, their reason being that they wanted to get away to a warm country instead of suffering the cold English winter we have had every year. My mum is delighted considering she always wanted to do that but never had the chance because of Gemma and I, but now that we're all grown up she feels she can go anywhere. 

The black SUV we have been travelling in since the airport pulls up outside a mall, Louis turns to me with a grin on his face. My mouth opens to question why we even stopped here but he beats me to it, "Just a slight detour yeah mate?" Before I can even answer he swings open the door and hops out, not even bothering to wait for me or the two security guards that have accompanied us so far. Louis struts across the parking lot like he owns it, I try to cough back a laugh but it escapes, boosting Louis' self-confidence. He grins and beckons to me, "C'mon Haz! Hurry up we ain't got all the time in tha' world!" I roll my eyes at Louis' sass, he's famous for being a sass-pants. He grabs my arm and forcefully pulls me along with him, yanking it hard. "Lou man, mind the arm!" He ignores my comment and keeps a grip of my arm until we're safely inside the mall/shopping-center. I'm surprised we haven't been spotted yet considering how far along we are on the famous 'ladder'. I follow Louis where he has stepped into a clothes shop, and it's not for guys. I stand outside awkwardly and fold my arms across my chest, glancing around the place. The lighting gives the mall a rather bright look, the golden sun shining through the glass domed ceiling in the very center, right above a glistening round fountain that's pretty big. There's water spurting out several places and from the looks of it, it's quite deep. 

"Harry! Get yo' ass over here!" My head snaps around as Louis' sassy voice drags me from my peaceful thoughts of the fountain. I spot him standing in the doorway of the shop and beckoning me to follow him inside, I look up at the sign and realise it's 'Forever 21'. I sigh and follow him in, passing multiple racks of tops, jeans, dresses, shorts, skirts, short skirts...until Louis suddenly stops, resulting in me crashing right into the back of him. I clasp a hand on my head where he head butted me, just as I open my mouth to give him a nasty remark, I spot the girls. Eleanor is holding multiple hangers in her hands and chatting excitedly to a cute blond haired girl. Her eyes are shining as she laughs with Eleanor before Louis rudely coughs and ends their conversation. Without even excusing himself properly he speaks, "Hey babe!" He leans in and kisses Eleanor on the cheek, her cheeks grow rosy as she smiles and ruffles Louis' hair. "I've missed you so much Boo Bear!" She replies and next thing I know, Louis has scooped Eleanor up in his arms and is kissing her full on the mouth while twirling in circles, the perfect movie scene. I inspect Eleanor's friend who stands there giggling, she is smallish but in a cute way. Eleanor begs Louis to put her down and he pouts like a five year old, reluctantly he sets her down carefully as if she's made of glass. She turns to me and smiles, "Hey Hazza." I pout at her and fold my arms in mock-hurt. "Is that all you got for me? Months on tour and all you say is 'hey'?!" I dramatically place a hand on my chest and take an offended step back, "And I thought I was dramatic?" Louis proclaims as he nudges the blond girl. Eleanor rolls her eyes and places her hands on her narrow hips. She raises a delicate eyebrow before I pull her into a bear hug. She chuckles and pats my back before we both pull away. Despite not being familiar with Louis or I, the blond girl laughs along with all of us and isn't affected by our fame at all. I'm beginning to wonder if she even recognizes us. I watch her as she fixes her hair out of her eyes and flicks it back almost identical to the way I do. I'm lost in thought about her until I feel someone nudge my arm, "Yo! Harry!" Louis hisses, "you're staring!" My eyes dart to Louis before looking back at the girl, her cheeks have now turned a shade of red and she's looking away, almost in embarrassment. Eleanor and Louis burst out laughing while I chuckle and stare at the ground.

Eventually Eleanor regains composure and speaks up, "So guys this is Katie, Katie this is Harry...the green eyed creep..." She starts laughing, "and this is my gorgeous, hot, sexy boyfriend that I never shut up about...Louis." She grins at Louis who starts acting out dramatic movements as if his heart has melted by Eleanor's statement. "Well I couldn't have said it better myself! Hi love, I'm Louis but you can call me Lou." He winks and extends his hand to the girl. She smiles, "Hi I'm Katie." Louis smiles and wraps an arm around Eleanor's shoulders. I extend a hand to the blondie, "Hey love, I'm the green eyed creep.." I wink before continuing, "Harry." She smiles broadly and attempts to hide her blushing cheeks, "Katie." She repeats, "It's nice to meet you." Her accent is rather strange, it's definitely not English and that's for sure. "You too." I reply honestly, Louis brings a hand to his chest and steps back with hurt on his face. "And it wasn't nice to meet me?" Katie laughs along with all of us. Eleanor giggles before turning to Louis and I, "I know ye were meant to pick me up at my place but I got caught up shopping and I didn't know Katie was working today and...." Eleanor trails off as I glance at Katie, only then did I realise she's in a work uniform for this place. Katie speaks up with her unusual accent, "I'm on my break now so we can grab a coffee?" We all nod and make our way across the mall to the little Starbucks directly across the fountain from 'Forever 21'. We go inside and order before getting our drinks and walking out, "Guys just on the next floor there's a lovely seating area for customers." She grins and leads the way up the stairs to the second floor which over-looks the ground floor where we just were. The second floor is a circular structure of walkway for more shops and there's a big circle in the middle where if you walk up to the banister, you are over-looking the ground floor and just above the fountain. If you look up you still have a perfect circular view of the glass dome ceiling where the sun continues to shine it's light through and onto the fountain where the glistening water looks peaceful and relaxing. We decide to stand and watch people on the ground floor, sipping on our drinks and enjoying the peace and serenity of having no fans chasing us. 

After awhile a guy walks up to us, he is of average build with dark hair and brown eyes. His muscles as prominent under his tight tee. He wraps an arm around Katie's shoulders and kisses the top of her head, "Hey babe." He speaks up, Katie giggles and hugs him before turning back to us. Eleanor waves at the guy and chuckles, "Hey Mark." He nods in  Eleanor's direction before nodding at Louis and I. Eleanor laughs and points at us, "This is Louis, my boyfriend I was telling you about and this is Harry, one of Louis' bandmates." Mark does a the common male handshake with like a bro-hug before standing back behind Katie and wrapping his arms around her waist from behind. "You guys are in a band?" Katie's eyes widen as her mouth falls open, she doesn't bother to hide her surprise even when Mark shuffles uncomfortably. She unwraps Mark's arms from around her and looks at Louis and I expectantly. Eleanor laughs and pats Katie's head, "I told you already! All those times I was telling you about Louis?" Katie bats her hand like she's swatting a fly, "Eleanor you do realise I got kinda bored when you never stopped?" Eleanor pouts playfully and lets Louis wrap his arms around her. She smiles peacefully at Louis as he takes over, "Yeah we're called One Direction. There's five of us but right now we're on a break from our second tour, it's called the Take Me Home tour." Louis grins proudly and nudges me in the arm, giving me a modest smirk. Eleanor throws her exasperated hands in the air at Katie's reaction, her face is blank. Mark speaks up, "Uh I think I heard of you guys, my sister has posters of you." He scratches his head unattractively, Eleanor shrugs as we all turn back to look at the view below us. I don't pay attention to anything around me until Katie shouts. "Mark! My bag!" I look in time to see Katie's handbag sailing through the air directly above the fountain until it reaches the blue water and makes a big splash. All the customers below are distracted by Katie's shout and the splash of her bag. "Aren't you going to get it?" She demands, stepping away from Mark angrily, he shakes his head and looks down. "It's gone into the fountain there's no point getting it now and besides, you have like fifty bags at home." Her eyes widen as her voice rises, "There is a point!......" She screeches, "...all my money and my phone and my keys are in there!" Mark shrugs and looks back down, I sigh. Don't do it Harry, don't....but it's too late. I'm already sprinting for the stairs and taking two at a time. I land down on the ground floor and sprint towards the massive round fountain. I stand up on the stone rim around it and look into the deep waters for any sight of the bag, I glance up at Katie and shout, "Where?" I can hear the hint of a smile in her voice as she replies, "There!" She points over to an area near the center. Oh goody, I'm going to have to swim to get it. I should have known better, why do I have to be such a gentleman? I'm not bothered by people recognizing me now cus' they surely did when I was sprinting down the steps. I take a deep gulp of air before diving into the deep waters and glancing around, I spot the bag lying down with a few contents spilled out onto the marble bottom of the fountain. I swim as fast as I can and use all my strength to reach it faster, I grab the bag and shove the misplaced items back in. I push myself to the surface and take a big gulp of air now that I can. I shake my wet shaggy hair out of my eyes and look up at the second floor where Katie is peering over the edge and grinning. I hold the bag up in the air and shout, "I got it!" I watch as she sprints down to the steps and meets me at the edge of the fountain, she's smiling widely and offers a hand to help me out. I hand her the bag and get out myself, she wrings out the water as much as she can before engulfing me in a tight hug. She doesn't pull back as she exclaims, "Thankyou so much Harry! You saved all my money and everything!" She pulls back and grins at me, squeezing my hand and giving me a sincere look. "How can I repay you for being such a great hero!" It comes out more as a exclamation instead of question, by now Eleanor, Louis and Mark have caught up with us. Katie steps back and releases my hand as she realises how wrong it is with her boyfriend standing right there. "Oh!" She glances at Mark before continuing, "There's a party at our place tonight, like a grill and BBQ ye guys should come! What better way to thank my hero?" She sneaks a shy smile at me from under her eyelashes before Eleanor quickly agrees. 

We all decide to part ways as Mark demands he's tired. Katie and Mark walk away, not holding hands after Mark's cowardly stunt. Katie turns around and gives me a quick wink before whispering, "Thanks again Harry." Just as I turn back to Eleanor and Louis, I realise how many people have actually taken pictures. There's a massive crowd of people surrounding the fountain and holding up cameras or phones and snapping pictures excitedly, no doubt would we be witnessing the account in magazines over the next few days. We leave the mall and hop in the black SUV with tinted windows, followed by our security guards. My clothes are dripping wet and leaving a puddle in the seat around me, I laugh at the irony of it all. Katie is perfect for me yet taken, so complicated but such a cliche. Eleanor claps her hands excitedly and looks out the windows, "I can't wait!"

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