Dear Harry

When Harry met Katie, he knew it was time to turn over a new leaf. Always the sleep-around careless popstar famous for being in One Direction, he heads out for tour with the other four boys. He then meets Katie on his travels, they both like each other and it quickly grows into the kind of love that leaves Katie vowing to wait for Harry while he finishes his tour.
What the loved-up couple don't realise is that Harry's fame will change everything, resulting in another tour for the big band, One Direction. And then sadly, Katie starts experiencing feelings for someone else while Harry is away on his second tour. "Dear Harry..." It reads, and both of the young lovers lives are changed.


3. House Party!

Louis smoothly pulls the car up to a nice two-storey house. I know what you're probably thinking, who'd let Louis Tomlinson drive? Considering all the problems he's had with vehicles before. Crashing a tank, driving too slow and getting pulled over by the police...I think you get the point. Even though you'd think he'd be the most responsible considering he's the oldest in the band, nope not a hope in hell. Louis may as well be five years old the way he acts sometimes. I'm just still in a daze over what happend earlier, one minute I'm taking warm swigs of my Starbucks coffee and next thing I know I'm soaking wet in the middle of a fountain with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen looking at me expectantly for her handbag. Big change of events I can tell ya! Louis guns the car and runs around the car, dramatically opening both Eleanor and I's doors. I hit him across the head playfully before walking ahead of him and Eleanor towards the party. 

There's people spilling out of the house and onto the lawn, from the looks of's pretty packed. Thank god I know Katie, Lou and El or I'd be totally lost. A few people on the lawn recognise me, toasting their beer bottles up in some kind of gesture to praise me. I smile politely and continue walking until I reach the house. It's quite modern and sleek, I duck in the doorway to be greeted by a full hallway of people chilling with beer and talking to their peers. A couple of girls scream at the sight of me but I keep going, desperate to spot a head of blond hair. Unfortunately, the only blond heads I see are all clearly bleached and un-natural. Nothing like Katie's golden glow of hair, so beautiful I'm sure if the sun shone down she'd be a heaven on earth. 

I follow the steady groups of people until I land in a two-room kitchen, the main room with the presses and fan and oven has a massive marble island in the middle. The beauty of the white marble is neglected being covered by a load of beer cans, bottles and several glass bottles and red plastic cups like in the American movies. I glance around and quickly realise this is one of the make-out places, guessing by the number of girls sitting on counters while guys stand in between their legs. I shake my head clear of those images and turn towards a patio. I walk out the open glass sliding door and onto an area with a smoking BBQ and several people gathered around several coolers with bottles of beer. I see a guy standing in front of the grill holding a spatula with over gloves on and an apron displaying the quote, "Kiss the cook!" he's also fashioning a chef's white hat on his head but it's tilted slightly. He spots me and throws the spatula down, stopping me in my tracks as I try to walk around him.

"Uh you're Harry, right?" I nod unsure, he offers me his hand. "I'm Will." I shake his hand but he reads my blank face and continues, "I'm Katie's friend. She told me one of her mates is comin' and the best way to single ya out would be a green-eyed creep." He winks, I think I must have looked horrified because he quickly goes over his words, "She was joking of course!" He pauses to chuckle, "She said t'wuld be easy find ya cus' you'd be the only clueless guy here." He winks again and chuckles, I let out a nervous chuckle and look around. I inspect Will, a tall muscular guy with dirty blond hair and greenish/blue eyes. I can't really tell what colour his eyes are but they're cool, his hair is suprisingly undyed, unlike the majority of males here. It seems spray tan and bleach blond hair is the trend for both genders, I feel like this place is a spin-off of Geordie Shore. 

Will and I chat away effortessly like we're old mates, taking turns on flipping the burgers and other things on the grill. He tells me about his family and what it's like to live here until the conversation meets the dreaded point I was avoiding at all costs, my job. You see, people are normal and themselves around me until they realise who I am, then it's like a switch is flipped.....people act all weird and different around me then. It's horrible, that's why I love meeting people who don't know who I am, they make me feel normal again. "Uh, you okay mate?" Will looks at me expectantly, crap! I spaced out when he was asking me something, "Oh sorry, what was that?" He chuckles as he flips the next round of burgers, "I asked ya what do you do? Like ya know, any jobs or anything?" I sigh and take a seat on the stool beside the grill, "Well it's not really something I like telling people..." His brows furrow as he squints at me from the sun, "You some kinda murderer? Cus' then I can't have ya near Katie then." He winks but then turns serious, "She told me you're a part of some band or somthin', sorry I wasn't listening." I laugh in response and flip my hair to the side, "Uh yeah kinda."

He raises his eyebrows and nudges my fist, "Way to go dude! I always thought about being in one but then found my career somewhere else. So are you guys like...famous?" He turns back to the grill and hands me the spatula, I take his place flipping burgers at the grill while he sits in the stool. I wipe the sweat off my forehead from the intense heat, the grill and the sun are both pretty hot. I chuckle and stare at the flames as I reply, "Yeah you could say that, been on tour twice. It's alotta work on the road." I turn back to Will who nods understandably, "Must be hard so, not seeing your mates or family?" He looks up at me, actually looking like he knew how I felt. These moments are what I love best, where I can chill out with mates and have a beer or two, not caring about anything. No paps harassing me, no camera flashes or herds of teenage girls screaming in my ear, just peace. This is what a break from tour should feel like and it's great. Up until Will mentioned it, I didn't realise how much I missed Gemma and mum. 

I wake up from my daydreaming and glance at Will who looks amazed, "Dude! You're a legend!" We both burst out laughing at how starstruck he is, despite the fact he doesn't even know who I am. I run my hands through my hair and glance around at all the drunk people around me. "So tell me dude, what's the name of your band? I might have heard of ya." He winks while I inspect the burgers, I pause and think. What if Will does recgonise me and start treating me differently likie everyone else does? He seems like a pretty good guy so maybe he won't?

"Uh, One Direction." Will stares at me for a second, I blink in response and look away awkwardly. Will clears his throat as a little crinkle forms between his eyebrows, "I think my little sis may have posters of you! She has these posters all over her room of these guys she is obsessed with. Yeah man, she gets pretty upset when I call them gay. Sorry mate but now I know you're cool." He winks again, I chuckle. "Thanks, I guess?" Will suddenly stops laughing and stands still, staring at something at a distance. I frown lightly but turn back to the burgers and throw one on a plate as it gets a little too cooked. "Hey Will!" I hear a light excited voice behind me, I recognise that voice! I turn around to see Katie looking stunningly beautiful in a white lace summer dress and sandal wedges. Her hair is naturally beautiful in beach waves. She is enveloped in a tight hug with Will, she smiles and hugs him tighter. Will pulls back, "Hey Harry! I'm glad you came!" 

Katie pulls me into a loose hug and wraps her arms around my neck, I chuckle and comfortably wrap my arms around her waist. She squeezes me before pulling back and fixing her hair. "So you guys cooking?" Will and I nod and laugh, "Great! I'm starving! C'mon Harry, come with me I'll introduce you to some of my friends as seenas you've met Will!" I wave bye to Will as Katie grabs my arm and drags me into the crowd of people.

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