Poems That Shadder Glass

Just a bunch of poems Ive made. Some will be happy and some will be sad


1. Im Fine

Though the lightning shatters,

My ear drums endure it.

Out all alone with no one on your side.

As your heart shatters,

No tears remain.

The pieces of my heart are broken through out my mind.

And yet my heart as a whole remains.

The feeling in my body is gone

Because I'm used to feeling numb.


No genuine smiles that brighten days are real from me.

I say "I'm fine."

Yet I feel as though I'm fighting a war with myself

That cant be fought nor won easily.


I feel as though the people around me only wish to bury me deeper

Into a dark abuse that no one ever goes.

I remain there.

Into a broken house

With shattered glass that lay on the floor.

I remain in the corner.

In a room full of people that seem to forget about my existence.


They forget about feelings, love, and morals.

And no one helps those who have that in their hearts.

No one cares anymore about the feeling helping those in need.


It seems as though with each year it gets worse.

Ignorance is the worst to come out of people.

And yet it's the most common emotion that any one can provide for others.

This emotion poisonous our society

With layers of thick venomous snakes.

They slither over the world more than twice.


If we all knew to love this world would be different

Wouldn't it?

If we all stood together as people on the media say they do

Would it really be this way?

Or would it be the same?


Everyone's heart beats in the same rythem whether you like it or not.

Even the "loser" you make fun of

Has the same exact issues as you.

It only counts on what you believe and what you want.


But only you can help make the world better.


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