Magalauf Weekender


7. The strip and the drink

We was walking down the strip and it was not what I expect it's was busy and so crowded Lucy and Katie raced down to the bar in the club and was getting drunk very quickly . Jack and hanah was taking it slow until these two stripper girls pulled her and jack up and started to make them get undressed but didn't succeed the two stripper girls managed to only pull of the top layer of clothes but Hanah was being very stubborn not to let them take her un garments off. Zak and  Lucy  were getting drunk and had been kissing in the lads toilets at the club but Katie was tipsy but josh was looking after her well so she didn't do anything stupid but that all changed when josh had A few drinks , Katie seemed to be snogging josh by the time half an hour went past and Zak and Lucy was drinking water after their incident by kissing each other it looked like it was a bit I mean very awkward . Jack and Hanah went off back to the lively but I don't know how they got back because they  was that drunk . Me and Harry was playing a drinking game , after then it was all a blur .....


the next morning I was in the same room as Harry but I was not in the same bed It had seemed the two single beds had been moved ...

Hanah ran into the room and screamed

" I don't what I was thinking it was drinks I swear , I SWEAR , I don't know what to do I'm F.. FREAKING .OUT  , did I do it , would I do it , jack , jack he was drunk to its not just my fault "

 jack ran in with just his boxers on and turned to Hanah and whispered

" I'm sorry , but you can't blame anyone it's the drinks nobody will be mad I promise " 

Me and Harry was just looking at each other  thing what the hell was going on ... Hanah and jack was whispering stuff looking worried while walking out of the door but I overheard her saying they did it aswell but just pushed their beds away at the end so they obviously can'tremember what   happened between them ...


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