Magalauf Weekender


1. The Meeting

"you never guess who moved to this school who went to my primary "cally-anne told the girls , then ashley replied "who ?", hanah couldnt hold it in any longer then she blurted out to everyone "ashley its your lover Zak " "im so sorry cally-anne im not good with secrets then me and hanah sniggered off untill we found a sex god who name is jack "Hanah stop drueling "i yelled to make her embrassed but she didnt care all she was focused on was her future sex god.After me and hanah got our lunch we found lucy the user sitting with katie the person who gets along with all the boys all the time. " where is cally-anne and ashley"me and hanah asked but lucy just shrugged .after minuits of asking and asking her what was wrong katie took us aside and said "you know how she goes sailing, well her sailer boyfriennd well ex boyfriend now just broke up with her but i told her shes 17 she got other boys she can have " . In class me ,cally-anne,hanah my bestfriend , ashley , katie and lucy and this boy brad who followed us to class who also fancies katie was joining in throwing paper snowballs around the classroom until the teacher walked in i accsidently through on at sir and me and the girls got triple dettention every week for the term well until the 6 weeks holidays .When i got home katie called me and asked if i would like to hang around with the girls and some boys i got dressed into my clothes and went to meet them by the shop just down the road from me and hanah because we live down the same road.when i got there there was cally-anne and ashley ,this boy called Brad who followed Hanah there, this fit boy called harry with big mucels who is really popular ,im suprised he is here , then i saw lucy and zak and jack (jack is a popular person to ) , and then coming out the shop there was Aaron with a bag full of sweets.the boys had to go home and we did to so we all parted the girls went one way and the boys went another but jack the one hanah was drueling over before called her over and asked her " dont you live this way walk with us if you want to " hanah nodded of course but had to wipe her mouth after because she was drueling once again . so off hanah and jack ( jack had his arm round hanahs waist moving close to her bum .) We was all talking about who should go out with who after hours trying to decide we finally came to a conclusion .I walked to school with hanah asking what had happend with her and jack hanah told me that he invited her into his house and told her that  his parents had gone away to venice for the whole 6 weeks and that isnt including the 6 weeks holiday so they had left jack for 12 weeks all together. Hanah carried on and then said that he kissed her i was gobsmaked and i was asking was it a full frontal snog and she nodded  proudley . as we reached the school gates i asked wait did he ask you out but she gave me a smirk and ran to cally-anne who was in her maths .Me and the girls met up again after school again with the lads and we was discussing whats everyone doing on friday saturday and sunday because jack offered to have a sleepover on friday to sunday at his house since hiis parents were away .Because katie is so popular with the boys she had the invite first and was allowed to come to his sleepover then hanah got back to him saying she can come then cally-anne then Aaron then this new boy called josh who had a massive crush on cally-anne but is like bestfriends with katie and then the next person who coud come was Zak then me then lucy the person who i fancy harry (so glad he can come ) and the last to say yes was the keep calm chick ashley . so everyone ended up coming to jacks sleepover i bet hanahs glad about that i bet she is hoping there is more arm round waist stuff happening between her and jack . This is the last day until jacks sleepover (its thursday ) and two more days until the start of the six weeks !

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