Magalauf Weekender


2. The Boys and Girls Sleepover

Its Friday in last lesson which is drama with all my friends and the hot boy . We had to get into pairs it gad to be one boy one girl . Hanah walked no wait she didn't she sprinted to jack and gave dead eye to all the other girls who came near him. Fortunately brad the loner was to late to get to her (lucky escape hanah). Lucy the user was going boy to boy asking if she can go with them , she ended up going with Aaron the school bully but hit it off so well there was sparks flying off of them . Katie does secretly love brad the loner but casually pretended she didn't want to go with him but everyone was wondering why she went up to him if she didn't like him ? Josh the new boy followed cally-anne everywhere but she wasn't interested until today they was inseparable .Ashley and Zak bumped into each other and just was casual and just went into a pair it was fait that they was meant to be with each other . Harry called me over and asked "would you like to go with me " so obviously I answered back saying " of course fitty " he was all confused the replied " pardon and we will be together but I meant do you want to come to magalauf with me and be on the t.v show magalauf weekender " I nodded and said " I will bring some friends and so should you we will tell them at his sleepover tonight " we sat down like we said nothing to  eachother but cally-anne and Ashley kept doing hand signals trying to pretend they were sparks they were doing that to me  and harry and hanah and jack. Its the end of the day and me and the girlies apart from hanah because she walked home with jack hand in hand . I packed my stuff together and went down to jacks house well what I thought was jacks house ! I EVENTUALLY i got to jacks house with my sleeping bag which had a fairy on because i had it when i was 7 years old but o well .Hanah seemed to of hit it off with jack under the covers because everyone heard smooching but i was thinking to myself how do they have air .but everyone knows hanah is HOPLESSLY ROMANTIC .the girls had to run down the stairs with only bra's on but then we heard the door down stairs slam where the boys were sleeping Katie and lucy  ran back up stairs since they were a tadge worried the boys will see them in the bra and panties . hanah insisted we carried on so it was hanah , me , cally-anne  and Ashley coming down the stairs in that order just because we wanted to pull a prank on the boys by putting makeup on  them while they are sleeping .hanah was putting makeup on jack i was putting make up on harry and Ashley was putting makeup on zak and cally-anne was putting makeup on josh . jack sneakily opened one eye and dragged hanah into bed with him and had another full frontal snogging  . We left hanah in bed with jack she looked happier than ever in there with him . me and the 2 girls wondered back upstairs but the boys we was putting makeup on gave us a full frontal snog and dragged us back down stairs into their beds just for a cuddle and a sleep . The next morning Ashley jumped out of a cuddle with zak and ran upstairs to get Katie and lucy and they sat next to aaron (Katie would of sat next to brad the loner but he wasn't there) " everyone would you like to be on the show magalauf weekender but  sadly one of the girls will have to stay home because there wont  be enough places " Katie offered to stay here but really she only said that so she can be with her lover brad the loner . " hanah could i speak to you please outside "...

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