Magalauf Weekender


4. Secrets

1 week later


lucy and Ashley have had a massive argument about Aaron cheating on lucy while Ashley new about it and zak and Aaron fell out over Ashley so I don know how we are going to cope on the t.v show magalauf weekender . " lucy don't be upset but I think you suit zak hall anyway so why don't you just go out with him because you to are so friendly and just suit each other o and B T W you use most boys anyway for your own benefits so  I wouldn't worry just over one boy who is a pathetic cheater so get over it ok see you in maths bye " " oi lucy I guess we are both singe pringles but always ready to mingle and als " but then lucy interrupted " what ready to mingle if you are go out with me okk then bye boyfriend " " bye girlfriend ... I guess " . me and the girls today was just chatting about our boyfriends and how far we would go with them until hanah dragged me aside and said " jack has asked me to move out with him , what should I do , should I do it , will I have children by an accident , what will I do if I have to tell them , omg what about if they don't love me then jack leaves me then I will die alone an " " hanah shut up you are thinking like you should belong in a mental hospital , but I wouldn't live with him  that's to far " we sneakily we slided back in to the conversation. we was watching the cat in the hat when we got home we all went back to cally-anne's house and at 12;30 am we all went home and in 4 days we are on the pkane ready to go to magalauf ...

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