Magalauf Weekender


6. Plane flight

Me and the girls met up to go meet up but sadly cally-Anne and Ashley couldn't come in the end because they went to Venice with Ashley's parents so we asked if Katie would like to come agian so anyway we met up with the lads to go to the airport to get to magalauf but I hate flying I get so scared but as long I'm sitting by my best friend Hanah and my boyfriend harry I will hopefully have no problem . I hope . We was going through the metal scanners and jack , Hanah , Katie got bleeped because the had kept the belts on . As we was having dinner because it was a night flight our flight came on the screen and we carried our plates down to where we was sitting and finished our dinner but I was sooo tired I was like half asleep .we stepped onto the airoplane and luckily I was allowed to sit by my best friend and my boyfriend. After the flight Lucy was sick because of the turbulence and Katie was all happy and jolly because she slept through the whole flight and jack and Hanah was comforting eachother by eating eachother . And me and Harry was just hugging but he gave me a peck on the cheek and carried my suitcase until we reached the taxi . Harry and me was cuddling on the way to the hotel the lively And. So was jack and Hanah so was Lucy and Zak and Katie and Josh . We had tweets saying josh and cally-Anne and josh had broken up . Aaron had moved school . Ashley met someone else called oscar and is going out with him he is Spanish she met him in Venice . So the Coles are now Ashley and Spanish dude : Lucy and I think Zak they seem to be hitting it off because Zak is being a flirt and me and Harry : jack and Hanah and josh and Katie seem to be close now . We arrived at the lively in the morning and had got shown to the girls room and there was pictures of boys all around the room and in the boys room there was girl pictures all around the room . It was time to chill by the pool and the boys were giving us massages that was good harry had the hands of a god and a quote from Hanah about jack that he was hard but gentle and I do mean the hands of course . The girls went back to the room to get changed ready to go to the clubs down the strip and get ready to get drunk when the girls had a few drinks the boys had just finished getting ready and was ready to go clubbing down the strip . Out the door we go to get DRUNK WHOOOOO !!
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