Magalauf Weekender


3. Couples

"sure, why ?"

"you will see " hanah followed jack outside and gave her a snog while holding her hands and whispered " will you go out with me please since we have already snogged and you know slept together at my sleepover " hanah replied " OMG YES YES YES YES YES YES sorry im a bit shocked I though you liked Olivia that popular girl " "why would I go for that slut but when I have got my perfect number 1 princess right here " jack told her gazing into her eyes " WHAT .... WHAT WHO IS SHE... YOUR MY MAN " hanah demanded very loudly " its you darling " " o .. oo love you" jack and hanah walked back in gazing into eachothers eyes . " Dudddeee are you a couple now ?" Katie yelled " you tell them " hanah said " no you say" jack answered" no you my giggly boo" hanah replied " FOR GOD SAKE ARE YOU A COUPLE" " yes " the answered Together . " well since we are talking about couples I would love to announce that me and brad and no faye not the loner brad he isn't a loner anymore because im his girlfriend now then josh raised his hand and said " cally will you please be my girlfriend you would be the oy in joy " cally ran up to him and said and gave him a hug and stood next to him " " lucy I know Im a bully but will you dance with me right now to a slow song and be my girlfriend " he put little things on by one direction and started to dance with lucy and she became his girlfriend .harry snogged me and we became girlfriend and boyfriend in that split second . but Aaron just texted Ashley asking her out even though he just asked out lucy but Ashley was convinced he texted lucy breaking up with her so she didn't dump zak she went out with Aaron and zak but zak didn't know and Aaron is going out with lucy and Ashley but lucy doesn't know ...

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