Magalauf Weekender


5. 1 day away

4 days away until we set off on the plane to magalauf harry called me over when I got there he said " hi faye " I was welcomed in and I helped him pack his case then he pushed me on his bed and started snogging me but this time it felt special since nobody was watching and it was longer. the doorbell rang it was jack and hanah when I opened the door the were chewing each other face off .  me and harry asked if hanah and jack would like to come to the cinemas to watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 to celebrate hanah's and jacks anniversary . after the cinemas we went straight to the club ocean blue where there are two rooms where people go to get some privacy but we didn't end up in there nor did hanah and jack . Me and hanah went back to mine to get my things packed I ended up only taking 4 cases one for my shoes & toiletries one for swim wear one for travelling clothes and one for holiday clothes .Then we went to hanah's to pack her case it only took us a view minuets because she lives just down the road .she managed to only take 3 cases full of toiletries clothes and shoes and we are off to magalauf tommorow

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