Louis and I

Ali and Lily are Bestfriends and are going to a concert to see their idols, One Direction. When Lily gets to meet her favorite in the band, Louis where will their relationship go to. Will there be fights? Marriage? Kids? Read to find out more!! Become a fan of me and like and favorite this!!!


24. YAY!!

Lily's POV

I can't believe that Tori is back I missed her soo soo much I can't even tell you how much. She's so amazing and now I actually have a friend who won't back stab me. Also she's better than Ali a tiny bit. She doesn't go around bragging about Harry like Ali did when Harry and her first got together. Which is better.

"Hey Tori wanna go to Starbucks?"

"Yea sure just let me get my phone and tell Harry and then we can go." And she went to do what she had to do.

"Ok I'm ready!" Then we went to my car and we drove to Starbucks.

*at Starbucks*

When we got to Starbucks we got our drinks and sat down to talk.

"So how's the pregnant life?" She said with a laugh.

"I gotta tell ya I thought it would be all that but the thing is it's terrible! I mean I'm excited for the babies but I don't like having a big belly at 21 and people looking and staring and judging."

"Aww I'm sorry. I hope it gets better!"

"Aww thanks! I hope that nothing like this has to happen to you!"

"Thanks well I'm done with my drink you almost done?"

"No but I will bring my drink mine at home."

"Ok. Let's go!" Then Tori and I drove home.

Louis' POV


"Nothing!" He said with his mouth stuffed with food.

"Niall, your girlfriend is going to be here in 20 minutes and you are stuffing your face with food instead of getting ready!"

"Fine, fine, fine I will go!" And Niall went and walked up the stairs with chips still in hand.

"Harry, what are we going to do with him?"

"I have no idea!"

Nialls POV

I can't believe that I'm going to propose to my girlfriend. I just can't. I'm very nervous.


"OK!" then I ran down the stairs and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey Babe!"


"Wanna go to the beach with the boys and I? I know it's last minute but you can use Lily's Bathing suit if you want."

"Ok sure that would be really fun! I'm gonna go get changed upstairs."

"Ok!" And she went up the stairs.

"So Ni are you nervous at all?"

"Of course I am Lou! I'm proposing to the love of my life and I'm not sure if she feels the same way!"

"Ok o- and Kota cut Louis off.

"I'm ready!"

"Ok let's go babe!!" Then we walked to the beach.

When we got the beach we set our stuff down and Dakota laid down a towel and laid down.

"Why are you laying down we gotta get in the water!!"

"Because sometimes I don't have time to get a tan, so I have to get my tan sometimes Ni. Also the water is cold!" She said

"It's not that the boys said it was nice and warm!"

"Ok, ok! I give in!" Then her and I went into the water.

"Your actually right Niall it's amazing!!"

"I TOLD YOU!" "Hey hey hey wait don't get all the way in yet. There is a reason, boys could you come here and start it off for me?"

Kota's POV

"Hey hey hey wait don't go all the way in yet. There is a reason, boys could you start it off for me?"

"Ok!" Then the boys started singing a tune that I knew it but couldn't put my finger on it.


"Dakota I love you so much. And I don't know what I would do without you." Then he got on one knee.

"Dakota would you do me the honers of being my wife?"

All I could out was a nod before I start crying!

"I LOVE YOU TOO NIALL!! YES YES YES!!" And then he picked me up and spun me around.

This was the perfect day.

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