Louis and I

Ali and Lily are Bestfriends and are going to a concert to see their idols, One Direction. When Lily gets to meet her favorite in the band, Louis where will their relationship go to. Will there be fights? Marriage? Kids? Read to find out more!! Become a fan of me and like and favorite this!!!


4. The morning

Lily's P.O.V

Last night was the best night of my life I can't believe me and Ali met 1D.

"Ali, can you help me make breakfast?"

"Yeah give me two minutes. What are we making?"


"Ok let me make them and you can get ready for today, ok?"

"Ok, thanks" 

*text from Louis*

Lou: Are you doing anything tonight?

Me: No y?

Lou: I was wondering if you would go on a date with me we have to leave for tour Tom so tonight at 7?

Me: Ok see u when u pick me up!

Lou:  Ok see u at 7 and dress causal tonight will be a surprise bye xoxoxo!!

Me: Bye xoxoxo

*text over*

"Ali you are never gonna believe this!"

"What?" Ali asked

"Lou just asked me out on a date me and him are going to get together  at 7 tonight I'm soooo excited!!"

"Cool" Ali said disappointed

"Whats wrong?"

"Oh nothing."

"Ok I'm gonna go get ready for today see ya in a bit."

"Ok bye"

*In the shower* 

Before I got in the shower I decided to put on a One Direction song with Lou in it the most. I love him so much he's such a sweetie. When Louis' part was on I always sang I did with the other people too but not as much. Once I was done I got out put my clothes on, dried my hair, put my make-up on, then went downstairs to eat. Everything during the whole meal everything was silent I think Ali's mad but I'm not gonna ask its best not to. 

*8 hours later* 

I was getting ready for my date with Lou when my phone rang it was unknown # I answered it 

Harry: Hey it's me Harry can u give me Ali's #

Me: Sure it's 411-888-1111

Harry: Thanks and good luck on your date I haven't seen Lou this happy in forever u make him happy.

Me: ok bye tell Lou I will be ready in 30 min 

Harry: Ok bye

Ok well I have a feeling that Ali and Harry will be going out sometime soon well anyway time for my date! YAY!!

Welcome everyone for the long chapter JayJay

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