Louis and I

Ali and Lily are Bestfriends and are going to a concert to see their idols, One Direction. When Lily gets to meet her favorite in the band, Louis where will their relationship go to. Will there be fights? Marriage? Kids? Read to find out more!! Become a fan of me and like and favorite this!!!


11. I hate hate!!/ rose

Lily's P.O.V 

After me and Louis told the world about us and the baby and the marrige I got so much hate!! I didn't expect it I really didn't at all. There was things like '@Catluv23 You do not deserve him he should be mine not yours he probaly doesn't even love you!! Then others said '@Catluv23 You sooo deserve him you to will have an amazing life together don't listen to the haters they just wanna hate!! The haters gave me confindence they didn't knock me down cause I don't go down. So I could get my mind off things me, the guys, Ali, and Mckenzie went to a club. Louis isn't gonna drink for me cause he wants to be a good father for this child. 

At the Club

Zayn's P.O.V

I don't know if I should drink tonight I mean if I do I might just get drunk and then probs get caught by the paps which isn't my first choice. When I was thinking suddenly a girl walked in she looked beautiful maybe I could get her number and maybe we could go on a date. She had Brown Hair, Blue eyes. She looked like she was looking for someone but then she got all sad looks like a someone didn't show then she came and sat down next to me and sighed I asked her what was wrong she then said

"This guy said to meet him here and he said he was here but hes not he ditched me." That made me sad how could a guy ditch a girl like her it is impossible. I then said,

"Maybe you could spend the night with me here instead you know if you want to?"

"Sure it would probably make my night better." Then we got up and started to dance it  was alot of fun. Then I said,

"I didn't get your name what is it?"

"Its Rose" she said.

"Oh ok can I get your number?" then she said

"Sure" then she gave me her number and then me, the guys, and the girls left. It was a good night.

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