Louis and I

Ali and Lily are Bestfriends and are going to a concert to see their idols, One Direction. When Lily gets to meet her favorite in the band, Louis where will their relationship go to. Will there be fights? Marriage? Kids? Read to find out more!! Become a fan of me and like and favorite this!!!


1. Getting the tickets

Lily's P.O.V

Me and my BFF, Ali,  were waiting for tickets in line for what seemed like hours but was just 30 minutes. Me and Ali got front row tickets me and her couldn't believe it we might get to meet One Direction!!! My mom wouldn't believe me and Ali when we told her she should believe me more.

* 6 hours later*

Ali's P.O.V

I can't believe me and Lily are going to a 1D concert it is such a dream of mine. Me and Lily are going shopping to get outfits for the concert today. 

*at the mall*

Me and Lily are getting matching outfits for the concert we agreed on shorts and a 1D tank top cause it is the middle of June. We can't wait for this concert!!

Lily's P.O.V

I still can't believe Me and Ali are going to a 1D concert we went shopping and had a wonderful time looking for outfits for the concert. I still can't believe it!!

It will get better I promise!


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