Louis and I

Ali and Lily are Bestfriends and are going to a concert to see their idols, One Direction. When Lily gets to meet her favorite in the band, Louis where will their relationship go to. Will there be fights? Marriage? Kids? Read to find out more!! Become a fan of me and like and favorite this!!!


26. Getting ready for the Wedding (the outfits & flowers)

Lily's POV

"Ok! Everyone listen up. Girls you are my bridesmaids. So we are looking at dresses. Then boys you are getting fitted for suits. Louis before I forget, you still have to choose a best man."

"Ok. Well I did a lot of hard thinking and I chose.... NIALL! One reason I picked him is because he would eat the cake during the ceremony." Then we all laughed

"YAY!" Niall screamed

"OK LETS GET GOING!" I said and we all went our separate ways.

*at the Bridal shop*

"Ok so what do you want the colors of our dresses to be?" Rose asked.

"Well I was thinking a light blue."

"OK!" They all said and went to look at different dresses while I looked for mine.

"OMG I JUST FOUND A DRESS!!!" It had white ruffles at the bottom, diamond looking beads in the center,with white the rest of the way up, and was strapless.

"OMG I LOVE IT LILY!!" They all said.

"I love it too! I think I want this one!!" Then I got fitted for my dress. Then the girls kept looking for theirs until they decide.

"I found one!" Tori said.

"Let me see!!" I said. It was a flowing short blue dress with a blue belt, then had a ruffle type design at the top.

"OMG I LOVE IT!" The other girls and I said together.

"Then I guess we are done with dresses. Now we can look at flowers and Louis and I will look at cakes later."


Louis' POV

"What about this one?" I asked

"I like that one!" Harry and Niall both said and Zayn and Liam just nodded. The suit I chose is white with a back tie. The boys suit is black with a white tie. We thought it would be good for black and white. I already knew Lily chose blue for our theme and is getting flowers, but then tomorrow Lily and I are choosing the cake.

"Ok boys were done!"

"Ok let's go home! I'm tired!" Niall whined.

"Ok. Let's go." Then we went to the car and drove home.

Lily's POV

The girls and I still have to choose the flowers I want blue violets. They are really pretty in my opinion.

"Ok so I want blue violets, and I only want bouquets with 5-7 flowers in them. Oh and we can't have a flower girl cause I don't have anyone who can be one."

"Ok! Let's try and find them." The girls said

"OH MY GOD I FOUND SOME BEAUTIFUL VIOLETS!" Dakota said and I ran over to see them.

"OMG Kota they are beautiful! We definitely need these to be it."

"Girls come over here!!" Then they came over to look.

"They are beautiful!"

"So now that the flowers are picked I have to choose one thing the Maid of Honor. I was thinking Tori because I have known her the longest."

"Thank you Lily!" Then she came over and kinda gave me a hug.

"Aww your welcome! Now the person who holds my flowers after I walk down the aisle. I chose Rose because Kota you chose the flowers sooo everyone gets to get to do something!"

"Ok well I guess we are completely done!" Then the girls and I went to the car and Tori drove home.

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