The Azkaban Kid

Poppy Sarai Dustan is a well known and scary death eater. She has been caught because of Thorfinn Rowle left her. She couldn't apparate so she got caught. She meets friends and enemies, but what is below the mask of evil? BTW she is 11!


5. Wow Christmas Is Great!!


Note the sarcasm at the chapter title!! 

It was mid December. Christmas in 5 days. It was bitterly cold in the cells and there was nothing but our clothes to keep us warm. I had never celebrated a Christmas before. I doubt I will now either. 

It was the last potions lesson before Christmas I think. I only know the days because Sirius keeps a track on them. I don't really care what day it is. Except when it's potions day. 

"Dustan! Get out!" The guard opened the door and I walked in front of him.

"Good morning Gilbert! Had a nice week?" He hit me across the back of the head with his hand. 

"Don't play cheek with me Dustan!" Said the guard. I smiled at Sirius and he chuckled slightly. 

I was taken to the usual room and made to sit in the chair and wait. Then he came in. The familiar black cloak and black curtain like hair. The guard left. 

"Hello Sarai." He said in his usual cold voice. 

"Hello Severus." I smiled cheekily. 

"It's sir to you miss.Dustan." He replied plainly. 

"Fine." I huffed. 

"Today is more like a meeting Sarai." 

"Ok?" It was more like a question. I felt slightly happy about it though. I hope it's good news. 

"Well Miss.Dustan. Professor Dumbledore has been speaking tirelessly with the ministry. The guards have in fact informed us that you are not a disruption or bad whilst you have been here. This has swayed the ministry to a decision." 

Then he stopped. What's the decision? What could it be? Probably nothing exciting. I'm to bad and horrible to be able to leave here. 

"We believe that if you keep up the acceptable behaviour, you may come to the school and begin with second year. At the end of this school year." He smirked slightly. 

"Oh my god!" I stood up and jumped around, shouting and being hysterical. The guard bustled in and clamped his hands on my shoulders. 

"Stop!" He shouted. "You cannot show happiness! You are here for a very bad reason! You cannot flail around and be excited!" He shouted. I just started laughing. I was too overjoyed. 

"Cool down a bit Gilbert! I have just had the best news of my life!" I exclaimed. He then dragged me away. "See you next Wednesday Severus! Merry Christmas!" I shouted. Severus came out of the room.

"Goodbye Sarai." My cell felt brighter to me now. I was happier and very excited. 

"Hey Sarai. What's got you happy? I've never seen you happy before." Sirius inquired. 

"Shush! I'm in a good mood!! Best news of my life!" I exclaimed. I jumped up and down again. 

"What is it? Are you getting out? I'm so happy for you!" Sirius laughed and cheered. I just couldn't help but smile. 

"Well not exactly getting out. But if I'm good until summer I get to go to school!" I exclaimed. 

"That's great news Sarai. It really is." I smiled and fell asleep happy for the first time ever. A real happiness, but it probably won't last. 

Four days until Christmas Sirius exclaimed this morning. How can he be happy when they don't even celebrate Christmas? 

I stared out of my cell door. Typical, Sirius was asleep again. Then I heard a swishing sound. I didn't have time to ponder it when a black cloaked figure stopped at my cell. I suddenly felt freezing and my bars grew frost on them. 

The black figure opened my cell with ease and floated towards me. It's face and hands made me feel sick. It gained on me and a bony hand grabbed my wrist. 

"SIRIUS!" I screamed. He jolted awake and saw the horror that was the black thing. 

I didn't hear Sirius response but he was shouting. Memories flicked through my mind. My worst memories. 


The flash of green illuminated my little crib and saw my mom and dad flop to the ground. 


The lady at the orphanage watched me as I ran around with the other kids. I was only five, a ten year old pushed me over and I became sad. I cried and the ten year old boy was flung to the other side of the little grass patch. Mrs.Postern ran over to me and dragged me to my room. She hit me with her cane and left me to cry. 


I was seven. A little girl kept calling me names. She pulled my hair and I pushed her with my hands. She flew and hit the wall, knocked out. Another helper screamed and helped the girl. Mrs.Postern grabbed my hair. 

"You little freak! No one shall ever adopt you! Look what you have done!" She screamed at me. The little girl was out cold and her head was bleeding. "You'll regret you were ever born Poppy Sarai Dustan!" 

I was pulled up the stairs and beaten. She hit me around the head with her cane and my legs and arms. I screamed and cried but no one would help. I was left there for days without food or water. I was skinny and unhealthy. 

I never got to play with the other kids again. 


I was brought back to reality and I was screaming. I felt something weird on my face as I watched the black thing leave my cell. 

I lifted my hand to my face and felt the wet substance. I was crying. I hadn't cried ever since the day of the incident when I was seven. I was shaking from the cold and fear. 

"Sarai?" Asked a soft voice. I looked over to see Sirius peering through his bars at me. "Sarai are you ok?" He had hurt in his eyes and I felt sorry for him that he had to watch that and hear that. 

"No S-Sirius I-I'm n-not ok." I had stopped crying but I had my arms wrapped around my knees and I lay my face on top of my knees. 

"The dementors are horrible creatures!" He exclaimed. It sounded like he had kicked something. 

"Pipe down Black!" It was Gilbert. 

"No I will not! How could you set dementors on a vulnerable 11 year old girl!" He shouted. Gilbert's stick hit Sirius's bars. 

"Shut it!" He growled. Then he turned around and looked at me. His eyes were nothing but cold and emotionless. "She deserved it." He sneered. Then he left. Maybe I did deserve it, I'm not meant to be happy. 

"Sirius?" I asked in a low scared voice. 

"Yes Sarai?" 

"Why are you so excited for Christmas?"

"It's a jolly time of year. A happy time for cheer and exciting songs and stuff." That didn't make sense, you couldn't find any of that here. 

"But that doesn't exist here Sirius. It's a horrible, cold and disgusting place." I felt myself getting angry now. Not upset and silly like a little girl. "No one cares when your chucked in here!" I nearly shouted. 

"Your right Sarai. No one cares. But you see the snow through your window, you can imagine what the world is like for just that one day. Many are happy and the cheer warms you up inside. You don't need gifts and a Christmas dinner to feel the cheer. Just think about the Christmases you have had and cherish the memories." That would help if I had had a Christmas. 

"I've never had a Christmas Sirius. My parents were killed before my first Christmas or birthday. I was barely one. The orphanage never gave me a Christmas, I was a freak." I spat. I didn't need to get all sentimental. 

"Oh. Well I guess Ill have to try and give you my cheer then." He smiled at me but I couldn't smile back. I didn't want to. 



"Do the dementors come to your cell. I haven't seen them come to your cell since I've been here." I explained. 

"They come at night whilst your asleep. But I have a secret. The dementors can't effect me, I turn into my animegus form whilst they are here." 

"What's an animegus Sirius?" I asked. I almost sounded polite. 

"An animegus is a person who can turn into an animal at will. I'm unregistered so they don't know that I can turn into a dog." He told me. I love dogs, the only real thing that I like in this world. 

"I like dogs." I said bluntly. Weird thing to do but oh well. 

"Who doesn't like dogs?" Sirius laughed. I smiled a little. "Come to your bars Sarai." He kind of ordered. I did it anyway. He looked out of his cell for something. "Reach out of them as far as you can." I did that as well. He did the same. It's only a small walkway but I was surprised when he took my outstretched hands in his. 

"Your a good girl Sarai. You just need a proper childhood. You obviously haven't had one. But I believe when you go to school it will allow you to find yourself." Although I was straining to allow him to hold my hands I liked it. His hands were soft weirdly enough. They were gentle and caring.

"I'm not good Sirius. I'm a murderer." He squeezed my hands slightly in reassurance. "I haven't had a childhood but I thought being a death eater was the best ever. Soon I realised it wasn't." His soft hands slid from mine because we could hear footsteps. 

"Don't worry Sarai. You'll find happiness." I smiled. He was just like a dad to me. It was great. 

"Merry Christmas Sirius." I told him. He repeated the gesture.

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