The Azkaban Kid

Poppy Sarai Dustan is a well known and scary death eater. She has been caught because of Thorfinn Rowle left her. She couldn't apparate so she got caught. She meets friends and enemies, but what is below the mask of evil? BTW she is 11!


7. Well On The Way


It's nearly march now. It's not been a bad two months. I've been talking to Lakeland each time we go for food. He is really nice and I feel sorry for him, he will have to stay here for the rest of his life and I might get to leave. I told him about the Hogwarts thing and he seemed pleased but I don't think he really was. Torus has gone completely wacko and isn't allowed from his cell anymore and Rubella was now in a complete depression. The dementors were taking their tole on her now. 

On Christmas night the dementors came back. I cried silently again when it had finished and Sirius comforted me. It must have been because of my behaviour with Severus. Talking about Severus, I have had 8 more lessons since Christmas and I am nearing the end of the first year potions curriculum. 

Severus doesn't show it but I know he is proud of me. He has started to use better wording to describe my prions, although they only stretch as far as 'good', 'well done' and 'average'. I haven't had an outburst since Christmas and if I carry on I'll be off to Hogwarts in four months. 

"I've been thinking." Sirius pulled me from my thoughts. 

"What is it Sirius?" 

"Well, your going to leave here in only four months. I need to escape." Oh no. This is all my fault. 

"No Sirius. Don't do that. You'll get into even more trouble." He is the only father figure I have ever had a liking to. I wouldn't want him to ruin it because of me. 

"Don't worry yourself. It would be easy, with my animegus form I could slip past the dementors when they come for me. It hasn't happened in a while, but closer to the time when you leave I could cause a disturbance and slip past them. It would be easy." 

"Don't think like that Sirius. I mean it. You would be in so much danger." I stated. I really thought this was a bad idea. 

"We shall see closer to the time."

"Yeh when your having your soul sucked out after your recaptured." I scoffed. 

"Thanks for the support Sarai." Now he sounded slightly hurt. For Merlin's sake, this man can really tweak my emotions. 

"I'm scared for you Sirius that's all. To tell you the truth, your the only real father figure I have had and I really like you." 

"Woah! Sarai stop! Don't get all emotional and sappy." He chuckled and I had to have a giggle. I hadn't really been happy for the last couple of months. This was the first time I had laughed since then. The dementors had been coming to me once a week. Every potions day mainly, it's like they wanted to rip away my potions happiness. 

-3 months later-

I am starving! I am unhappy! I think I'm depressed. The dementors have decided to come at least twice a week and Sirius seems to be getting really sad over it. I haven't even smiled since three months ago and I feel weak. All my happy memories don't seem happy anymore. Christmas Day is a bit of a blur and I have no attempt at thinking about Hogwarts. The thought doesn't make me feel excited anymore. My potions lessons have been good but I only usually mumble a hello and goodbye now, if that. Azkaban is not the place for a 12 year old. I turned twelve three days ago and Sirius tried to cheer me up by singing happy birthday.

It didn't help. Nothing seems to help. I only ever cry when the dementors are around and I can't help it. But I always feel like crying. 

It's not even light yet and it's a potions day. The potions had gone up to three hours for the last couple of months, I was grateful for that. I'm as thin as a stick now and you can see my bones. My hair is really dirty and my clothes smell. I have nothing on my feet and my feet and hands are both really dirty. 

One more month until I can leave. That's good I guess. I feel that I'm slipping back into my evil ways and I'm also insecure about everything. Any slight noises makes me jump. 

The sun is rising slightly now. It's probably about 5 o'clock. I just couldn't sleep after last nights dementors greeting. They were the worst memories I've had yet and I cried silently for at least an hour afterwards. Sirius was really distressed about it, I was screaming my lungs off. 

"Sirius?" I whispered. 

"What?" Someone's not a morning person. 

"It doesn't matter." He got up now and walked to the bars. 

"Tell me Sarai. I shouldn't have snapped." That's the Sirius I know. 

"I think I'm going mad. The dementors have taken everything I have." I droned. I don't have a voice anymore. It sounds almost robotic now. 

"Stay strong Sarai. Live through it and try and keep the happy memories right in your mind where they can't get them." That did help a bit. 

"Ok Sirius." I lay my head back down and just stared at the ceiling. It was absolutely freezing. 



"When was the last time you ate or drank anything?" 

"I think I ate a week and a half ago ish and a drink was at least three days ago." Sirius growled under his breath. I couldn't blame him. He got to eat like every other day and had a drink everyday. I don't know why I was different. Maybe they forgot about me. 

It had been a couple of hours now. It's probably about 9oclock. 

"Dustan! Get up an out!" Potions. I huffed and got up and walked over to the door. 

"See you in a bit Sirius."

See you later Sarai." 

With that I walked down to the normal room. Gilbert just pushed me into the room and shut the door. I kicked it and sat down in a huff, not looking up. I lay my head on the table. 

"Ahem!" I jerked up and smacked my head on the back wall. I hissed in pain and stared around the room. Severus was sat opposite but there was about five others standing behind him. I raised my eyebrows at them all. There was a very ugly man with scars all over his face and a weird eye, a girl with pink hair and didn't look older than 19, a tall dark coloured man with a purple hat on, a man with mousy brown hair and a couple of scars on his face and another with a scar on his face and long ginger hair. 

"Why are these people here Severus?" I droned. Merlin my voice sounds horribly boring. 

"It's sir to you Dustan." Severus spat. 

"No need to be so mean." I mumbled. 

"What did you say?" The people behind him moved nervously except the weird eye man. He asked the question. 


"Good. Get on with it Snape." 

"Dustan, these people are specially trained wizards to combat dark magic. These three people-" he pointed to purple hat guy, pink hair girl and weird eye. "-are very highly successful aurors." 

"Oh no! They brought me here!" I shouted. "They can stay away from me!" I protested. 

"That's enough little girl." Snapped wired eye. 

"As I was saying. They are aurors and the other two men are part of the order of the Phoenix." 

"They are bad people! They want to take down the dark lord!" 

"Hold your tongue Dustan! Stop interrupting!" Severus was being really mean today. "Anyway. This is Alastor Moody-" he pointed to weird eye. "-Kingsley Shakelbolt, head of the Auror office-" this was the tall dark man. "-Nymphadora Tonks-" the girl with pink hair. "-Remus Lupin-" mousy haired man. "-and finally Bill Weasley." 

"Great, now can we do potions?" 

"There is no potions today Dustan." 

"Stop saying that!" I spat. "My name is Sarai!" 

"One more word and it'll be the dementors for you." My eyes widened in fear as I stared at Moody. Lupin gave me a questioning look. 

"N-no p-please I beg you!" I had gotten off the chair and backed up to the wall. I have never been threatened with dementors. After last night they were my biggest fear. Everyone raised their eyebrows and Moody smirked. 

"That won't happen, just sit down miss.Sarai." Lupin seemed calm and I liked that. I edged back to my seat and felt my wrists be strapped to it. I just sat back and waited. 

"So these people are here to escort you Dustan. You shall go to Hogwarts today." My eyes widened once again. I felt the excitement I hadn't felt for months. It was real, I was going from this hell. 

"Let me get out of these straps!" I yelled. I smiled for the first time and giggled to myself. "Yes!" I cheered. Tell a kid they are going to Hogwarts and that depression surely disappears. Luckily enough the straps went away and I jumped out of the seat. "YES! I CANT BELIEVE IT! NO MORE DEMENTORS AND NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT FOR WEEKS!" I danced around and the six people in the room just stared at me like I was an alien. "NO MORE UNCOMFORTABLE MAT AND COLD! YES YES YES!" I fist bumped the air. But suddenly I felt sad again. Sirius. 

"Oh no." I slumped back into the chair. 

"What is it?" Bill asked me. 


"Sirius Black?" Lupin asked me. I just nodded. I felt the depression wash over me again. Sirius would be left here without me even saying goodbye. 

"I need to say goodbye to him. I won't see him ever again!" I think I was getting hysterical and I was getting angry. What if he hated me. 

"That is not possible Miss.Dustan. We have to leave soon." 

"NO!" I yelled. Tonks flinched, Moody sneered and the others looked taken aback. "Look here weird nose! I need to say goodbye to Sirius. He will worry and be sad and I will be happy. I don't think so!" I protested. "Take me to him now!" I crossed my hands over my chest. Moody laughed at me. 

"Oh you think it's funny do you!" I yelled. 

"Yes. Your a criminal Dustan, not the queen." That was it. I banged and banged on the door and yelled. I was going crazy, the dementors had had their way, I was like Torus. No one seemed to stop me but I was being yelled at to stop. I don't think anyone wanted to touch me. 

"LET ME SEE SIRIUS NOW!" I banged on the door with all my might. "I NEED TO SEE HIM!" 

"Stop Miss.Sarai! Stop please!" Lupin tried to calm me. Try being the operative word. I didn't listen. I banged more but suddenly stopped. I felt a weird sensation and something coming from my nose. I reached up and saw blood. 

"I feel fu-" suddenly I became faint and fell backwards. There was a searing pain in my head and I blacked out. 

Remus Lupin P.O.V

I just couldn't get her to calm down. She was screaming for Sirius Black. My old friend from school. They must have gotten close. I couldn't take it anymore. 

"Stop Miss.Sarai! Stop Please!" Alastor nudged me in the ribs. She stopped shouting but banged on the door. Then she stopped that as well. She turned to us and her nose was bleeding, she reached up and looked at the blood. 

"I feel fu-" then she fell back and smashed her head on the table and fell to the floor. 

"Merlin's Beard." Bill whispered. I rushed to her and picked her up bridal style. 

"Perfect time to get going then." Moody clapped his hands together. "Let's go." 

"She needs a doctor Alastor." I protested. 

"We are gong to Hogwarts aren't we?" He barked. "There is a hospital wing there." I just nodded. Tonks looked like she was going to faint and the others kept quiet. I'd never seen Severus Snape speechless before. 

Alastor walked to the door and flung it open. We all walked behind him and stopped at a desk. 

"Miss Poppy Sarai Dustan is leaving now." Barked Alastor. The man nodded and put a pile of things in his hands. He passed them to Bill who was standing next to me. I noticed a golden locket on the top of all the stuff. The only decent thing. 

We left the massive prison and got into boats. I silently cleaned up Sarai's bloody face. The journey was about an hour to shore. 

We all got out and assumed the formation, but they all stood around me because I was holding Sarai. They all got their wands out and we apparated to Hogsmeade. 

When we got there we all walked silently to two separate carriages at the gates. I sat in with Alastor and Kingsley while the other three sat in the other. 

"Why would you care so much about a murderer Lupin?" Alastor asked me. 

"She is a little girl Alastor. She needs medical attention. That's what comes first, she can hate me all she wants when she wakes up, but for now she is an innocent little girl." I explained. It was true. She looked innocent and undisturbed whilst like this. 

Getting out of the carriages we assumed formation and walked up to the huge oak doors. Severus opened them and we all walked in. Whilst walking people talked to each other and gasped at the sight of a young girl in Azkaban robes. 

Realisation hit some people and they noticed that a few of us were Aurors. When we got to the hospital wing I set Sarai onto a bed and Alastor explained the situation to Poppy Pomfrey the medi-witch.

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