The Azkaban Kid

Poppy Sarai Dustan is a well known and scary death eater. She has been caught because of Thorfinn Rowle left her. She couldn't apparate so she got caught. She meets friends and enemies, but what is below the mask of evil? BTW she is 11!


8. The Sorting Of A Murderer

Sarai P.O.V

I felt extremely hot. My head was banging and I actually felt comfortable. This was weird. I slowly stirred and tried to open my eyes. It took a while but they prised open. I blinked a few times and sat up. Two wands were suddenly in my face. It was Moody and Severus. The others were behind them with their wands at their sides. 

"Oi! Can a girl not wake up?" I droned. The wands lowered. 

"Don't speak to us like that Dustan." Moody sneered. I lay back down. Depression, depression, depression. Very awkward silence. I clutched my head trying to stop the pain. 

"Where am I?" I snapped. I didn't feel like being nice, I'm not a nice person, only to Sirius am I nice. 

"You need to learn manners Dustan. You are in a hospital wing in Hogwarts school." Severus answered. I made it, I'm in Hogwarts. A crazy, sadistic smile lit up my features. There was a green curtain around the whole bed, shielding me from the world. I just lay there for what seemed like forever. Finally the green curtain was removed and Bill and Lupin were ordered to watch me while Tonks and Moody stayed by the door on the outside and Severus and Kingsley left the room. 

I huffed and wriggled to get comfy. This was sooo boring. At least I could talk to Sirius in Azkaban. Sirius. 

"Sirius!" I exclaimed. I abruptly sat up. "He doesn't know!" 

"He knows Sarai. Calm down." Lupin tried to calm. This guy is like Dumbledore. It's funny actually. 

"Who told him?" I spat. 

"Erm. Gilbert I think his name was." I felt a bit better at that but it still annoyed me. 

"I want to leave this room." I droned. My voice went back to its nasty and threatening sound. 

"That isn't possible Sarai. We need to wait for Dumbledore." Oh that's helpful. Not. 

"Fine. Can I get out of bed at least?" I really couldn't be bothered to be nice. These people hadn't bothered to show niceness to me yet. Lupin and Bill looked back and forth at each other. Finally Lupin gave a weak nod. I sprung out of the bed and they reached for their wands instinctively. 

"Don't worry guys. I'm not gonna kill you." They looked relieved, weird, I thought id play a bit on it though. "Yet." I added. I smirked evilly and Bill rushed over to the door and went out of it. Can no one take a joke? He returned with Moody. 

"Threatening people already Dustan?" His voice is starting to annoy me. 

"Never heard of a joke scar face?" I retorted. His eyes narrowed at me and I gave him an evil giggle. "Exactly what I thought." I walked around the room looking at different things. Dumbledore was taking a long time, but I liked him so I would wait. Moody swapped with Bill and stayed in the room. 

I huffed and turned to glare at the big man. "Why are you all here?" 

"We have to keep an eye on you." He drawled. 

"I'm not going to do anything." My voice was sickly sweet and I gave him a glare. 

"We shall see about that." He smirked. Merlin this man thinks he's funny. 

"Your full of jokes aren't you scar face." Lupin seemed to smile slightly but quickly dropped it when Moody turned to look at him. This is funny. 

"Enough of the scar face or you'll be back in Azkaban and the dementors may even give you a little kiss." I shrunk back and lost my hard exterior. This man is really mean. 

"You wouldn't." I whispered. 

"Oh I would. Shall I call them right now?" He stepped closer to me. 

"N-no." I tried to stay hard but I couldn't. Just the thought of those cold and terrifying beasts made me want to shrink into a ball. 

"I would be more than happy to." 


"Oh now come Dustan. Why would I put away such satisfaction? I'm sure they are missing you already." I was scared, maybe even past scared, but I was getting angry now. I felt the new presence in the room but I didn't bother about it. 

"I said no." I told him through gritted teeth. He smirked again. 

"Are you scared of them or something? Why would you be scared of them, cold, skeletal, evil and sick things. What's there not to like?" I was shaking now, from being scared or angry I didn't know which one. My fists were balled and I glared into this horrible mans eyes. 

"Come now Alastor. Threatening a girl with such cruel behaviour?" Dumbledores calm voice immediately snapped me out of my trance. I sighed slightly and relaxed. 

"She threatened to kill Lupin and Weasley." Dumbledores and Severus' eyes widened. 

"I did not! I jumped out of the bed, they stared at me and I said 'don't worry I'm not going to kill you' and just as a joke I added 'yet'. I wouldn't kill them really." I tried to explain. Severus' eyes seemed to become angry while Dumbledore went back to normal. 

"I understand but since what happened in your past I don't think you should make jokes like that Sarai." 

"Ok headmaster Dumbledore." 

"Please Sarai. Call me sir if you wish. What you are saying is too long." He chuckled to himself. I gave him a small smile and a nod. What? This man makes my hard exterior crumble, he's a natural. 

"Now we have cleared that up." He clapped his hands together and his eyes sparkled. "Please take a seat on the bed Sarai, we shall talk about arrangements." I agreed and sat down on the bed. Dumbledore sat right next to me but the others took a bit of a distance. 

"Right. As you know, I told you on Christmas Day that you would be staying with Severus in his quarters. This shall still happen. Severus told me about your great progress in potions and I am proud of you. I give you my greatest apologies for not visiting again after Christmas." 

"It's fine." I mumbled. I had forgotten that he had said he would return actually. 

"Good. Lessons wise, you are still a first year. However I would like you to be taught privately for the last month of the year. Luckily we have just resolved what I thought was a disaster to the school. That is why I have brought you here early. There was an epidemic in the school to do with a very large snake and a diary.-" 

"-was it the dark lords diary?" I seemed excited. I had heard of this plan a few months ago. Thorfinn had told me about it. 

"How did you know about that?" Severus growled. 

"Rowle told me. Lucius Malfoy was gong to do something with it." I shrugged. 

"That is valuable information Sarai thank you. Moving on, the situation had been cleared up and now you are here. Like I said, you shall be taught privately but you can eat with the other children at breakfast, lunch and dinner. For now you shall not receive a wand, I would like you to learn some theory for those subjects first and the minister is not yet allowing you to posses one." Dumbledore explained everything. He seemed to really trust me actually. I was surprised at that. 

"On a happier note dinner is about to start and I would like to welcome you to the school. Chop chop." I jumped off the bed and Dumbledore held my shoulder, I flinched but he seemed to squeeze it reassuringly like Sirius did. We began to walk to the doors and the three Aurors, two order members and Severus stood around me and Dumbledore like some sort of formation. Weirdos. What do they think I can do without a wand? Other than punch Severus in the face? 

We carried on down hallways until we reached a pair of oak doors. They opened and we walked down the middle. People gasped and others looked at me with horror in their eyes. People were talking and whispering. I loved it when people were scared of me. It made me feel powerful. We finally made it to the front of the hall and Dumbledore let go of my shoulder and stood at a podium. The group of cronies guided me to a secluded corner of the hall. I was under armed guard I think. Boorriiinnggg. They so can't trust me. 

"Good evening students. I am very pleased tonight to welcome back all of the students who until earlier today, were petrified due to comprising circumstances with the chamber of secrets. With the help of Professor Sprout all the petrified students are now up and well." The students cheered. Merlin sake it's not that big a deal. I seemed to like the silver and green table, they stayed quiet. 

"On an even happier note, we have a new student. She shall not be joining classes until next year but will be sorted now." He gestured to me and Lupin and Kingsley moved out of the way to show me to the hall. I smirked and some people cowered away. I gave an evil little laugh and the guards stared at me. 

"What?" I spat. They just turned away. 

"Yes well you may have noticed. This is Poppy Sarai Dustan and she is giving Hogwarts life a try but shall not be staying in the dormitories yet." Dumbledore explained. Some people nodded at the green and silver table. 

"She should still be locked up! She will kill us all!" The guards seemed to panic and I looked for the perpetrator. It was a pug faced girl from the green and silver table. The guards seemed to stare at me and my reaction was a bit late. I ran forwards quite fast to get at this stupid cow. 

"Stop!" Someone shouted and grabbed my upper arms from behind. The pug faced girl seemed to laugh at me. The man was Lupin and his grip wasn't too tight. 

"Did you not hear what she just said to me?" I spat. I stared at the pug girl and she seemed to shrink back into her seat. I'd say she was about a year older than me. 

"Yes Sarai I did. Don't bother with such nonsense from her." Lupin whispered. I seemed to relax a bit and nodded. I resumed my place in the corner and people sighed with breaths they were holding. 

"Pansy Parkinson you may stay behind and I shall give you your punishment." Stated Severus. I silently thanked him in my mind. 

"Yes Miss.Parkinson. As I was saying, she shall now be sorted." Dumbledore waved a hand and an old hat and a stool stood in the middle of the hall. "If you would like to take a seat Sarai." Lupin guided me to the stool and stood next to me as I sat down. Moody stood on my other side. Lupin placed the hat on my head. 

"Good luck." He whispered. I am starting to like this man. He reminds me so much of Sirius. 

"Ahh! Another young child to sort. Well well well. Not a very nice past ay Miss.Dustan." 

"Not really." I replied. 

"I shall change that. You are very cunning and sly. An evil and menacing streak but you can warm to people if they show you such respect." 

"That is true old hat." 

"Yes. You are quite courageous indeed. Brave and only afraid of one thing. Ah yes, a dark creature indeed. The days of your orphanage is here all in your mind. You like to flood your mind with the good memories to protect yourself do you?"

"Yes I do." 

"Well I must say that you could be in two houses. But which one?............................................................................."

"Come on!" I growled. 

"Yes yes. Just wait,..............I think.........hmmmmm............yes that's the one................... GRIFFINDOR!" 

"No no no no!" I yelled. People seemed frightened. Good. "Not that house. I don't think so. The dark lord was in Slytherin! That's where I shall be!" 

"The hat has made its decision Sarai. Please step down with Mr.Lupin please." Dumbledore reasoned. He's right, that's it now. The Slytherin students were scowling at me and some were sniggering. I got up and took the hat off. 

"That's it then." I whispered. Lupin nodded and put a reassuring hand on my shoulder. Moody grabbed my wrist though and dragged me to an empty seat at the end of the Professors table. 

"Sit!" He pressured. I just sat down. Then Dumbledore started clapping. Bit of a late reaction I think. Bill and Lupin joined in, then did the others except Moody. The tables all seemed to half heartedly do the same. 

"That's wonderful. Now I believe we can eat." Dumbledore raised his hands and loads of food appeared. 

"Wow." I muttered. I just dug in and ate as much as I could. Finally the food disappeared but I wanted more. As if by a miracle desserts appeared. They looked great but I wouldn't smile. I just ate loads of cake. 

When I was finished I saw Lupin smiling at me. 

"What? Do I have something on my face?" I scowled. 

"Yes you do." He suddenly got out some sort of hanky and wiped my nose. "It was cream." He seemed to chuckle. 

"Lupin what are you doing?" Moody moaned. 

"She had crap on her face Alastor." The whole hall seemed to be staring at me now. I felt, no this couldn't be, I felt embarrassed. What is happening me? 

"Merlin scar face can't a guy help me out?" I smirked. 

"Shut up stupid girl." 

"You make me feel so wanted scar face. What is your problem?" He just huffed loudly and moved to talk to Dumbledore. I love this. Then Dumbledore stood up. 

"Great feast for us I think. I would like to wish you all a jolly nights sleep. Now chop chop, off the bed with you all." I looked for that Pansy girl and she was staring at me. I gave her a sinister smile and a little wave which I wiggled my fingers. 

Something hit me over the head and I growled to myself. Moody probably. Pansy got up quickly and rushed out of the hall. 

When the hall was empty it was just the cronies and all the teachers. Dumbledore put a hand on my shoulder and I got up. 

"I would like to introduce you to the teachers Sarai." 

"Fine." I sighed. I stood in front of all the teachers. 

"Some you will not have until your third year but it's nice to put names to faces." 

"I guess." 

"Ok. Well this is Minerva Mcgonogal.-" woman with a stern face, green dress and a bun."-this is Pomona Sprout-" short plump woman. "-Filius Flitwick-" ridiculously short man. "-Rolanda Hooch-" short white spikes haired woman. "-Sybill Trelawney-" bug eyes lady. "-Aurora Sinistra-" dark skinned lady. "-and last but by no means least Septima Vector." Old lady with black hair. 

"Yeh hi." I stated. What was there to be polite for? Some of the professors tusked at my rudeness. 

"Anyhow let's get you settled in Severus' quarters shall we?" 

"Lead the way Sir." They looked at me dumbfounded but Dumbledore just smiled warmly at me. He is the only one I could call sir anyway. He has given me a chance of a lifetime. A chance I don't deserve. 

"This way then Sarai." Dumbledore began walking and the cronies boxed around me so that I could follow. Luckily Lupin was in front of me, if it was Moody I would probably kick him up the butt.

We seemed to walk for ages but I started feeling a familiar cold and became slightly anxious for some reason. Then I realised it was just the dungeons so it should be cold. 

"Here we are then Sarai. Severus' quarters and now yours as well." Severus snorted. He strode past me and said a password clearly. 

"Monkswood." Lupin shivered slightly. Weird. Then Severus walked in and I just followed. He turned around and widened his eyes at me. 

"What? Can I not enter my own dorm?" 

"You shouldn't sneak up on people." He sneered. 

"Maybe your just jumpy and insecure." I stated plainly. 

"Why you little-" 

"-that shall do Severus." Dumbledore soothed. 

"That's your room." Severus sounded annoyed. He pointed to a black door. How fun and welcoming. 

"Good. I want to go to bed." 

"You shall Sarai. We shall talk more tomorrow. Sweet dreams." Then Dumbledore just left. There was 6 sets of beady eyes staring at me now. 

"I don't have any other clothes." 

"They are in th-" 

"-stop!" I shouted. I just realised something. Then suddenly my eyes stung, am I going to cry? No I can't! 

"M-my locket! Where is it!" I demanded. I crossed my arms over my chest. "Give it to me! You better have it!" I yelled. I was looking at Severus. 

"And what if I don't have it?" Moody sneered. 

"You won't want to live if you haven't got it!" My voice broke. I sounded like a wussy. 

"We have it Sarai. Ignore Alastor. Come with me." Lupin calmed me and walked past me. I followed him. He entered the room supposedly mine. I entered after him and shut the door for effect. I wouldn't hurt him but I did it to annoy the others. There sitting on the bed was my little pile of clothes from before and my LOCKET! I ran over to it. 

"Thank you." It slipped out before I could help it. This guy calms me so much. He took it from my hands and put it on for me. 

"You should change and go to bed. I shall be staying within the quarters with Kingsley tonight. Along with Severus obviously." Then he left me. I walked over to the wardrobe and opened it. I pulled out some black silk pyjama bottoms and top. I walked out of the room with the pyjamas over my arm. 

"Where's the bathroom?" I drawled coldly. Severus pointed to another black door next door to mine. I rushed over to it and locked it behind me. I pulled the Azkaban robes off quicker than you could say 'bath'. I jumped into the shower and turned it on. The hot water was heaven. I hadn't had a bath or shower for over a year.

My body was caked in dirt and my hair was bloody and dirty. It was horribly greasy. I lavished in the water and cleaned myself. 

After about half an hour I got out and wrapped the towel around myself. I looked into the mirror. I hadn't seen my reflection in about two years. 

Lovely flowing black hair, but it was too long. Down to my waist. It had a kind of blue tinge to it in the light. My eyes were still the weird vibrant purple colour. But with all the evilness they had faded to a darker purple. Looking more black. My pale complexion and pinkish lips made my face look kind of cute. Like an innocent twelve year old. 

I then looked at my left wrist. The skull and snake tattoo was light and kind of faded. It hadn't ever really been a bright black. Maybe that would change when the dark lord comes back. 

I dried my body and put on the pyjamas. Who would think that a little girl like me would be a murderer. Sometimes I can't believe it myself. 

I had a go at drying my hair with the towel but I just brushed it through whilst still damp. 

I left the bathroom and Severus was reading. Kingsley and Lupin were conversing with each other. I decided to interrupt them. 

"Can I dump these robes now?" All three jerked their heads towards me. They widened their eyes before quickly looking normal again. 

"In the bin over there." Severus stated. I just obeyed quickly and walked to my room without another word. The first peaceful nights sleep in about, Erm, well, my first ever peaceful and comfy nights sleep I think.

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