The Azkaban Kid

Poppy Sarai Dustan is a well known and scary death eater. She has been caught because of Thorfinn Rowle left her. She couldn't apparate so she got caught. She meets friends and enemies, but what is below the mask of evil? BTW she is 11!


4. Potions


I had now been here for a week and two days. It was a day for potions. Well an hour and a half. I heard the familiar clanking of the cell and I walked towards the door. 

"You don't have to grab me all the time you know. I am an unarmed 11 year old." The guard just huffed and I saw Sirius give me a warning look. He seemed to really look out for me now. I walked down all of the steps and into the familiar room. 

"Good morning Snape." I said kindly. I felt like I had got a better nature since conversing with Sirius so much. He is a good role model. 

"Miss.Dustan. Please call me sir." He asked coldly. The guard left the room. 

"Sir." I said sarcastically. I sat down and stared at the cauldron and a little book next to it. 

"This is potions. There is no wand waving." He sneered. 

"Oh haha! You make me laugh!" I said. We had a stare down for a moment but then came back to reality. 

"The art of potions making is magnificent. I can show you how to brew glory, create luck and even stopper death." He glared at me when he said death. 

"What?" I asked. Teeth clenched. He must have seem my anger. 

"Nothing. Today we shall simply brew a cure for boils. To show you what to do." He opened the book and slid the page to me. The instruction read:

1. Add 6 snake fangs to the mortar.
2. Crush into a fine powder using the pestle.
3. Add 4 measures of the crushed fangs to your cauldron.
4. Heat the mixture to 250 for 10 seconds.
5. Wave your wand.
6. Leave to brew and return in 33-45 minutes.
7. Add 4 horned slugs to your cauldron.
8. Take the cauldron off the fire before adding the next ingredient.[1]
9. Add 2 porcupine quills to your cauldron.
10. Stir 5 times, clockwise.
11. Wave your wand to complete the potion.

I read the instructions twice and then began. I added the ingredients, I stirred it and heated it and let it brew. Snape had to use his wand for number 5 and the final one. 

"That was good." I said out loud. Then he pointed his wand at me. "What are yo-" 

"Fununculus!" Snape said. The spell hit my face and I felt weird things pop up. I jumped up. 

"We shall test the potion!" He shouted whilst I was shouting also. I stopped quickly. 

"So are they boils then?" I sneered. 

"Take some of the potion. Then we shall know if it is correct." I took the spoon and took a gulp of the potion. I felt my face start to reduce and then there was nothing there. 

"Wow." I spoke out loud. I need to not do that. "That was really good sir!" Omg! I had just sounded like some silly little girl. 

"Well that is all for this week. I shall inform the headmaster of your progress." His voice was cold. He then left the room with a wish of a wand the equipment was gone. The guard took me back up to my cell. 

I felt something weird playing on my lips. I was smiling! I hardly ever do that! Today was truly a great day. 

"Sarai? How did it go?" Sirius sounded very warming today. 

"Really good thank you. I've never seen something so amazing! He gave me boils and then I cured them! Potion making is the best." Now I really did sound like a silly little girl. Sirius looked taken aback by what I had said. 

"What?" I sneered. 

"Nothing." He smiles slightly. "I have never heard you say thank you before. Or show any manners actually." Oh yeh. Wow. I think I'm breaking through the ice a little. 

"Well I have to let my soft interior escape sometimes, now shut up." We both laughed a little bit. Come to think of it. I hadn't eaten since I had got here. 

"Sirius. I haven't even eaten since I got here!" I had drunk horrible water but that was it. I looked at myself. I looked very thin. The horrible stripy robes were too big and bulky on me. 

"Oi! Dustan! Food!" Ooh! Food! (Sarcastic). The man unlocked the cell door and took me away, even further down than the room I have potions in. I looked into the large room and many heads turned to stare at me as I was escorted down to a near empty table. "Sit and wait!" The guard ordered. 

On the table were young looking people. However there were only about three others. 

"Hi I'm Sarai Dustan. I'm 11 years old. What about you lot?" I said coldly. I had to make conversation. 

"I am R-Rubella Sandman. 15 y-years old." She stuttered. What was wrong with her? 

"I am Lakeland Turner. 18years and a dedicated death eater." Said the boy. He was quite handsome. 

"As am I!" I smiled weakly at him. Then came the last boy. He was twitching. Maybe he was mad. 

"Hahahaha!" He have a horribly cold laugh. "I'm Torus Deed! 21 years old." His eyes looked hungry for pain and despair. What a whack job! 

"11 is a very young age young lady!" Lakeland explained. 

"Yes well I had no family and no hope!" 

"Don't worry little one. I have been here since I was 16. I haven't gone mad yet. Torus had been here for 6 years and Rubella a couple of months. I helped torture many people. Torus here was a raged murderer. Now he has lost his mind basically. He is thirsty for torture and pain. It's kind of disturbing actually. Then Rubella here, she is here because some accidental magic killed her parents and destroyed their home. So what about you?" He stared into my golden eyes as I stared into his dark green ones. 

"I killed 20 people over one year. However, they convicted me of 22murders and countless torture. But I was framed for the torture and the last two murders." 

"Ah I see! Good deeds though! We are all sat together because we are the only people in here who are 21 and under." Then suddenly the food appeared. It was a horrible porridge looking thing. 

In the bowl sat grey, lumpy and tasteless slop. I ate it quickly though, I was very hungry. 

When a bell rang, I gave a little wave to the fellow death eater, Lakeland, and was took to my own cell. 

"Sirius?" I asked quietly. "Did you have food?" 

"Yes." Came a hoarse voice. "I ate it fine." 

"Good." I sneered coldly. "I met some people my age. Lakeland, a fellow death eater. Rubella, a very bad accidental magic incident and Torus is a raging murderer. We all fit in!" I laughed slightly. "We have all killed someone. Wether that be on purpose or deliberately." 

"Anyone near your age?" He asked me. I peered out of the bars and sat down as he did. We looked at each other. 

"Lakeland is 18. Rubella is 15. Torus is 21." I said plainly. 

"I see. Not many kids in here then. That's good to know. It is most unfortunate for you four to have to deal with this place. Especially you and Rubella. Both very young girls." 

"Yeh I guess." Me and Sirius are good friends. If I met someone new though, I would soon be my old self again.

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