The Azkaban Kid

Poppy Sarai Dustan is a well known and scary death eater. She has been caught because of Thorfinn Rowle left her. She couldn't apparate so she got caught. She meets friends and enemies, but what is below the mask of evil? BTW she is 11!


2. One Year Later


"I feel proud of you young one. 20 killings in a year. Not bad." Thorfinn Rowle is a nice man. We get along well. We talk as friends, not man and child. 

"Thank you Thorfinn. I am proud of my progress. When the dark lord comes back I hope he likes me and what I am doing."

"Oh he will Sarai don't worry." They call me by my middle name because my first name is too muggle for them. I like it anyway. 

"Shall we do the deed then?" Rowle, never needs to ask. I always say yes. 

"What are we doing today?" I asked him. 

"We are catching up with a couple of aquentances dear Sarai. You haven't done this before I don't think." I was kind of excited. I hugged him and then we apparated to a small town. "They live in that small house there. Let's go. Oh and put a silencing charm in the house please." I nodded gleefully and walked on with him. He knocked with his wand raised, I copied. 

"Yes, what would you like?" Asked the woman. She looked like a traitor to me. 

"Get inside and shut up, or I'll kill you." Well done Rowle. Nice. 

"Please, your with a child." 

"Oh, I can kill you faster." I smirked coldly and pulled up my sleeve. She looked horrified and we barged in. Rowle nodded and I put the charm on the house. 

We found the man and tied them both up to chairs. I raised the temporary wand up to the mans face. Then I looked at Rowle. I didn't know what to do. 

"Don't worry Sarai, I'll sort it at the moment. Woman! What do you know! Tell us!" He smacked the woman hard on the face. 

"Please, don't harm us. What do you need?" The woman was scared. So she should be. Traitor!

"Tell us about the secret organisation! What is going on to stop the dark lord!" Rowle shouted. 

"I shall not tell! I would rather die!" 

"Fine!" I exclaimed. "Avada-" 

"-wait Sarai!" I stopped immediately. The man looked shocked that I was capable of murder. 

"You! Man! What do you know!" Rowle turned to the man. 

"I shall not tell either! Leave us be!" Like that's gonna happen! I laughed coldly. 

"Maybe we could temp you to tell?" I knew what was coming next. 

"CRUCIO!" Rowle shouted at the man. He writhed in pain but bared it. It went on for 10 minutes. Then Rowle stopped. I had never seen a Cruciatus before. It was scary a bit. 

"Sarai if you will." He pointed to the woman. 

"Please! Not my wife!" The man exclaimed. 

"Shhh!" A bit childish. Oh well, I'm a child. "I need to concentrate!" I told the man. 

"Crucio!" I said to the woman. Nothing happened. Rowle stared at me in anger. 

"Do it girl!" He shouted at me. Think of how they are traitors! Think of how they may bring down the dark lord. Think! 

"Crucio!" This time the woman screamed out. I stopped immediately. 

"Sarai! Crucio!" Rowle pointed at the woman again. I had failed him. This will be bad. 

They didn't speak for a whole 3 hours of torture and curses. In the end Rowle nodded to me. However he killed them both. 

"Thorfinn what is-" he smacked me hard. 

"You failed! You made me look like an idiot! Stupid girl! That is it for you!" 

"Thorf please." He hit me over and over and I fell to the ground. Then he dissapparated after whispering. 

"You were going to get your wand tommorow." Then he was gone. I didn't cry. I couldn't cry. It's not like me. A man and a woman lay dead near me. I didn't care. The ministry had me as undesirable no.2. Me and Rowle were the only known death eaters that seemed to be trying to take action. 

I heard loud bangs and crashed. Then about ten men crowded into the room. They stared at me and then at the two dead people. Which I hadn't killed, or even hurt. Except the failed Cruciatus on the woman. They crowded around me and just stared for a moment. 

"Well what are you waiting for?" I dropped my wand and then two men came out of the crowd. One grabbed my arm really forcefully. Another pulled up my sleeve. There lay my dormant mark. 

"It's her alright!" Said a gruff voice. Then he grabbed my other arm even more forceful and they pulled me out of the room. The other men crowded me. Then everyone apparated. 

I was dragged through the ministry of magic and into a lift. No one looked at me and if they did it was disgust. I don't care! I was proud! We landed on a floor called, 'the department of mysteries.' They pulled me through a long black corridor and then into a large courtroom. The man then roughly pushed me down into a chair and chained me to it. 

"What the hell are these for?" I exclaimed. The man hit my face. I heard a slight gasp. A man sat there in the crowd. He had a long white beard. "Whatever then." I muttered. 

"What?" Said an angry man. 

"Nothing." I smiled sweetly. Hahaha!

"Enough chat!" I looked up and saw a whole crowd of people. Some in red and some in black robes. One man was wearing a bowler hat and sat in a higher desk than the others. "Witnessed by the whole Wizengamot, the Council Of Magical Law and the Minister Of Magic, we are here for the trial of Miss.Poppy Sarai Dustan. 11 years old and no address. 22 counts of murder and-" 

"-twenty-" I muttered. 

"-the inhumane torture of defenceless men and woman alike. Along with being a known death eater and therefore follower of you-know-who in hope he shall return." 

"He will return!" I shouted. Slap to the face again. I looked over at the old man. He was staring at me with bright blue eyes. 

"We have witnesses who have seen the murders and plenty of evidence just of the fact of being a death eater. The other crimes are abominable and in this case will live the rest of her life in Azkaban. All raise hands in favour." Everyone raised their hand. Except the old man. He stood up. 

"Excuse me Cornelius, but is there no way the child can go to Hogwarts, she can change, learn to be better. Have a good understanding of the good side and not the bad." 

"No, no, no!" Well thanks for that mr.bowler hat man. "This girl has committed horrible and disgusting crime. She shall be sent to Azkaban." 

The old man just left the courtroom. "The verdict is clear. Everyone votes yes and therefore Poppy Sarai Dustan shall spend the rest of her living days in Azkaban prison." He slammed down a little hammer. 

I was released from the chair and put in shackles on my ankles and wrists. They pulled me along back up to the clear main hall of the ministry and two men along with me stood in a fireplace. 

"Azkaban Prison!" Yelled one man. We whirled and I felt a little bit sick but kept it together. They pulled me through a hall and to a desk. They took off the shackles and chucked me into a room with some clothes. Thy made me take off my gold locket that had a picture of me as a baby with my parents. I've always worn it for some reason. I changed and left the room. They shackled me again.

"Poppy Sarai Dustan sir." The man behind the desk handed me a board and told me to hold it up. He took a picture and snatched the board back off me. Two men then dragged me, literally, up loads of stairs. I thought they would never end. Finally we got off the stairs and they pulled me to a nearby cell. They unlocked the cell and took off my arm shackles. Then they left and locked it up.

"What about my feet ones?" I shouted. 

"Shut up! Stupid girl!" One man shouted back. 

"Thanks." I muttered. I sat on the cm thin mattress which was a 'bed'. There was a little toilet in the corner and the 'bed' was raised a bit off the floor. 

I would not cry! Not in a million years! It was dark, damp, smelly and very cold in here.

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