The Azkaban Kid

Poppy Sarai Dustan is a well known and scary death eater. She has been caught because of Thorfinn Rowle left her. She couldn't apparate so she got caught. She meets friends and enemies, but what is below the mask of evil? BTW she is 11!


3. First Days


I had been here 24 hours now. People were screaming and shouting a lot. The big black floaty things would always be hanging around. 

I heard a couple of bangs and realised it was the cell opposite me. 

"You know why you were moved Black! I don't want you arguing with other prisoners understand?" The guard locked the door and left. I stared at the new man. He had black messy hair and a black messy short beard. He would probably be quite handsome if he cleaned up a bit. 

Then he noticed me. I turned away. 

"Oi kid!" He spoke nicely. 

"What!" I didn't want to be nice. "Who are you?" I asked him coldly. He seemed a bit shocked at my reaction to him. 

"I am Sirius Black. I've been here for 10years and 3months. Now tell me about yourself." That is a hell of a long time! 

"I'm Poppy Sarai Dustan. I've been here for 24hours." I said proudly. "My first name is horribly muggle and I prefer to be called Sarai if you don't mind." 

"Well Sarai. How old are you?" He looked slightly concerned. 

"I am 11 years old." I said point blankly. 

"What would make you end up in here at that age?" He looked right into my shining gold eyes. 

"Your a Dustan? Are they still alive?" He sounded concerned. I laughed a cold horrible laugh. He kind of stepped back a bit at that. 

"I am the last Dustan. Stupid traitors got themselves all killed on the same night as the Potters." He seemed to mutter something to himself. I carried on. "They left me. I fended for myself before escaping from the orphanage after 8 and a half years of horribleness. They had been traitors and conversed with muggles. They deserved to be dead!" 

"That is not true! People have worked your mind! You believe the evil and hate the good! Your a little girl for gods sake!" He shouted. Whatever! 

"What are you in here for Sarai?" I won't hesitate in telling him. I showed him first. I lifted my sleeve and showed him. He gasped. He walked closer to the bars.

"Why would you do that to yourself?" He seemed apologetic. No need to be. This last year was the best year of my life. 

"I am in here for being a death eater, killing 22 people and inhumanely torturing people." He looked shocked and slightly frightened. 

"If I'm honest. I only killed 20 people and tortured no one. I couldn't watch the woman scream as I tortured her. Thorfinn Rowle punished me and left me to be found by the ministry people. They grabbed me and brought me here after a man with a silver beard tried to allow me to go to a school. They wouldn't let me." He stared at me. I think he was inspecting me or something. 

"You are not a murderer Sarai. You are a good little girl. You have been made to do bad things." 

"I did it all on my own! The dark lord shall come back! He will be pro-" a stick hit my bars. 

"You shall not speak! Let alone shout! Disgusting little thing." He opened my cell and pulled me with him. 

"Oh! I don't really care!" I whined. He smacked my leg hard with the stick. Don't show weakness, I thought to myself. I looked back only to have my head yanked forward by my hair. I caught a glimpse of the Sirius man. He looked scared for me. 

They pulled me down the stairs without allowing me to even step properly. 

"Hurry up! Stupid little bitch!" The man yelled at me. We finished the stairs and he dragged me into a room where he threw me down in front of someone. Then he left and slammed the door. The person helped me up. 

It was the old man from the court. 

"Hello Poppy." He greeted with a cheery smile. 

"I am not Poppy! That's a muggle name! I am Sarai!" I shouted. The guard came back in a smacked my back with the stick. Then left. No pain! Don't show any pain! I got up and stared into his eyes. 

"My apologies Sarai. I am Professor Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School. I believe you are a Dustan and are 11 years of age." 


"You are not allowed to come to our school. Ministry orders. However, I could teach you here. I shall send my best man and allow him to teach you once a week. The ministry has allowed this. It shall only be potions at the moment. You have no wand and they do not trust you with one. Do you accept?" His eyes sparkled. 

"Fine! Anything is better than nothing." I snapped. 

"Good. I shall send my man tomorrow." 

"Ok!" The man then left. The guard came back in and dragged me up and locked me in my cell. 

"Sarai?" A man whispered. It was Sirius. 

"What?" I didn't need to whisper. 

"Please keep your voice down! You do not want to get hurt!" He whisper-shouted.

"I didn't get hurt. I had a meeting!! The old man with the silver beard. Another man is going to teach me potions once a week." I was quite happy about this actually. I had never been to a school before! 

"That's great! Your on your way out of here already Sarai!" He exclaimed. I can say. This man was actually really nice. 

A few hours had now passed. Me and Sirius had talked about different things very quietly. He told me about his pure-blood family. How he didn't like their ways and ran away. Then finally, why he was actually here. I believed he was innocent. He didn't have the mark and he just didn't seem the type anyway. 

I was lying on my 'bed' trying to fall asleep. I can't wait to do a potion. Finally I fell asleep. 

I awoke to a shout of my name. Well my end name. 

"Up! Dustan! Get up!" The banging on the bars ringed in my ears as he entered and dragged me away. Back to the same room as yesterday. 

I waited patiently. That's not like me! For the man to arrive. He was probably really old and boring but he offered to teach me anyway. 

Then the door opened. It opened to reveal a man. Maybe late twenties, early thirties. Shoulder length black hair and a big black cloak. I was sat on a horribly rusty chair in front of a table. He sat on the other chair. 

The guard stayed in with us. 

"My name is Professor Severus Snape. You shall address me as sir." He said coldly. 

"I shall address you how I want!" I exclaimed. I got a sharp smack to the head. "That isn't going to stop me you know. Whatever your name is!" I turned around to look at the guard. He walloped me in the face and pushed my head to face Snape's. 

"I shall be teaching you potions once a week for an hour and a half. Is that clear." 

"Yes." Head smack. "I said yes!" I stood up and the chair fell to the floor. The guard grabbed my little arms as I moved and shuffled. I roared with anger. "I'll get you! Stupid guard! I don't care what you do to me! You'll get it worse when the dark lord returns!" I shouted. The guard nodded to Snape who left the room. 

The guard beat me to a pulp. I had never experienced so much pain. It carried on and I couldn't help it. I screamed with pain. Then he stopped. 

"I only wanted to hear you scream!" He laughed at me. I kicked him hard in the shin and ran out of the door. I ran down a long corridor and his footsteps thundered behind me. Everywhere hurt but I couldn't stop running. Then the Snape man was there. He grabbed me and held me there. 

The guard ran up to Snape and grabbed me off him. 

"The teaching is ceased!" The guard roared. 

"No!" He hit me. "Will you still teach me?" I wouldn't say please or sir. I was being dragged off. I carried on shouting. "Will you still teach me?" I looked behind at the man. He became harder to see as I went further but I saw him nod. Yes! He would. 

The guard chucked me into the cell and I hit the floor. I crawled onto my bed and lay there, shivering. 

"Are you ok Sarai?" Sirius asked me. No I was not! Everywhere bloody hurts! 

"Fine!" I snapped. "Never better. I met Snape the potion teacher." Then I heard Sirius asking himself loads if questions about Snape. Why was he teaching? Bla bla bla. I didn't really care. Then I slept.

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