The Azkaban Kid

Poppy Sarai Dustan is a well known and scary death eater. She has been caught because of Thorfinn Rowle left her. She couldn't apparate so she got caught. She meets friends and enemies, but what is below the mask of evil? BTW she is 11!


9. Diagon Alley


A bang awakened me. 

"Up! Dustan get up!" A man growled. I didn't want to open my eyes. It was all just a dream. Gilbert's now shouting. But wait, I get to see Sirius again. Even if I had dreamt being in Hogwarts and trying to start a nice life. I'll just ignore him. Dwell on the dream I had. 

"Up! Damn it! Get up!" Then I was shook violently. I shot my eyes open to see Moody staring at me. 

"MERLIN HELL SCAR FACE!" I yelled. Lupin ran in and saw Moody's arms tightly on my shoulders. 

"Come now Alastor." Lupin told the man. He let go of my shoulders and actually allowed me to get out of the bed. So it wasn't a dream. I guess that's a good thing. 

"Yeh Alastor." I sneered. He looked like he could kill me. I smirked at him. He stomped out of the room like the drama queen he is and Lupin left normally. 

Right. Time for some clothes. What have we got in the wardrobe. I ambled over to it and threw the doors open. 

I saw some nice skinny jeans. Black with white skeleton hands on the bum. Just my thing. Now for a top. Hmmm. This one looks nice. Yes I think I'll wear this. A long sleeves silky shirt with white cuffs, silver buttons, collar and the body black. 

I put on some underwear and the clothes. I think I'll wear those nice looking black and white converses. I brushed my hair and I think I was done. 

Let's make an appearance then. Before they all start worrying about me, pffftt. 

I left the room and stood in the doorway. 

"About time Dustan. Did you go to Narnia or something?" Moody mocked me. 

"I don't know what Narnia is but I hope you had a nice time there." I countered. That wiped the smirk off his face. "Just what I thought." I kept my cold hard exterior up and just placed an emotionless mask on my face. I scowled at Moody. 

"You don't have any school equipment so we need to go to Diagon Alley Miss.Dustan." Severus finally spoke up. 

"Whatever floats your boat Sevvy." 

"I don't appreciate such mindless behaviour Dustan." He sneered at me. God this man is impossible. 

"I don't appreciate your constant Halloween costume Snape." Ok. Now I think Moody and Severus are going to kill me. Lupin was really trying not to laugh I think. There was no sign of the others. 

"Right. Let's get to the great hall before I have to stop a fight." Lupin piped up. 

"I'm hungry." That was quite plain I think. Moody growled like an animal and grabbed my upper arm. Thanks, good morning to you to. Lupin stood in front of us and Severus behind while Moody dragged me to the hall. 

The walk was about ten minutes long. Lupin opened both great hall doors wide. Everyone stared again while Moody's iron grip became tighter if that's possible. He pushed me into the seat that I sat at last night. 

"You have a lovely soft grip Moody. For an Auror that is." I remarked. He hobbled away and spoke to Dumbledore. However with my super hearing and his, not so quiet, whispering I could hear them. 

"I'm not payed for this Dumbeldore. She is a total menace." He growled. 

"Come now Alastor. No need for such talk. She needs people she can trust and then she will show you her true self. Have you not thought that it might be an act?" He has a point, but I am evil. 

"No. She's pure evil, sarcastic and down right cocky." Yes, yes I am. I smirked to myself and decided to eat. 

I wonder what Sirius is doing now. Probably sleeping knowing him. What annoys me is that he is innocent. I'm the murderer but I am getting a chance and he is stuck in them crappy cells in Azkaban. 

I shouldn't think about it. He will be ok. Like he said, he had planned to break out and find me after I left. I hope he does it soon. 

I ate quietly. I had about four pancakes and some cereals. Some students seemed to be leaving the hall. I hope my lessons started soon. I wanted to learn about stuff. 

A hand clamped down on my shoulder after that. I looked up and saw, no wait I'll let you guess. 



Have you figured it out yet? 



You got it!



It was Moody. 

"Get up. We have to go." He ordered. 

"Do you not have any manners?" I snapped. This guy was getting too much for me to handle. I just wanted a wand so I could hex him to oblivion. 

"Do you?" Good point. 

"I'll take that one." Then I got up and shrugged his arm off me. I walked to near Lupin. Bill and Tonks had turned up again. I was kind of warming to Bill. Tonks just seemed scared of me. 

"Sarai?" I turned and looked at Lupin in acknowledgment. "It's only Me, Bill and Severus able to go to Diagon Alley, so you need to wear these." He held up some wrist shackles. Great. I come to school but get treated like a criminal still. 

"Why?" Lupin looked at me with something, pity? 

"For your and others safety." I turned to see Dumbledore had answered. When I turned back around someone forcefully grabbed my both wrists and pulled them out in front of me. I just sighed. I wanted to get Diagon Alley done with. They put the shackles on me. Severus strode from the room and someone pushed me forward. 

"We don't have all day." Moody sneered at me. I got virtually pushed all the way back to the dungeons. I've had enough of stupid teenagers staring at me now. They'll regret it when I have a wand. 

When we got back to Severus' quarters we moved to the fire place. Severus stood in and shouted the destination. Bill did the same and then Lupin stood in it. 

"Your with me Sarai." I was shoved into the fireplace. 

"You shouldn't be so nice Lupin. She is a criminal remember." Will Moody ever like me? Merlin only knows, but I really don't like him. 

Lupin lightly took my upper arm and threw down the floo powder. I couldn't catch my breath and we whirled around for a minute before landing in another fireplace. I would have fell if Lupin still didn't have his hand lightly clutched around my arm. 

There stood Bill and Severus seemed impatient. He was tapping his foot. What a childish thing to do. 

"Waiting for something Severus?" I had to ask. 

"Come on." He scowled at me and Lupin guided me over to them. We were in some dingy pub. Then came the gasps and stares by all the people, again. Will this always happen? 

Lupin let go of my arm but Bill seemed to grasp it instead. How can I gain their trust I wonder? 

With Severus in front and Lupin on my other side we left the pub. We arrived at a wall and Severus tapped his wand on a couple of bricks. The wall started to move and then came Diagon Alley. It was packed. I'm feeling quite insecure now. 

We entered the alley and it all started again. It's like a really annoying record on repeat. Gasps, whispers, people hastily moving out of the way. That might have been Severus though. He was virtually mowing everyone down. 

We had to keep up with Severus so my legs were doing double time and I was worn out by the time we got to a shop called 'Madam Malkins Robes For All Occasions'. 

We entered the little shop and the little woman walked out to meet us. I think she was expecting us though, she didn't really react to me but I could tell she was uncomfortable about it.

The shackles were removed so I could be fitted. It took about an hour and then the shackles were slapped back on. Severus kindly payed and we left. I think I had about 4 complete uniforms in total. The ugly Griffindor crest on the front. 

I don't even like lions, I love snakes. They have always fascinated me. Enough of that though. 

We went to a 'Flourish and Blotts' to but loads of second year books. Severus didn't offer to carry anything so Lupin had to hold the bags. 

After that we went to some cauldron shop. I waited outside with Bill. Severus is the potions 'genius' after all. The same happened for the potions shop. 

Finally we were off the Ollivanders. Severus waited outside but Bill and Lupin went inside with me. 

"Miss Poppy Dustan. I wondered when I would be getting your wand." 

"It's Sarai." I spat. I hate the name Poppy. 

"Ok Sarai. Let's see then shall we?" He bustled back to his shelves and picked up a few wand boxes. He brought them back through and placed them on the counter. Shackles got removed again. 

"Try this one." He handed me a boring black wand. It was really depressing actually. 

I waved it but the door flew off its hinges. That wand got grabbed from me and replaced by a different one. This one was white with black vines. I waved it and some shelves broke. 

"Not that one." Ollivander took it. 

It had been about an hour now and still no wand. A broken door, window, various flower pots, shelves and draws all smashed.

Finally I think he found it. He brought forth a white box with a dragon on the front. He opened the box and gave it to me. 

It was black with a light wood handle. Light blue pearl vines wound around the handle, a sapphire blue jewel was on the bottom and the black wood spiraled from the handle to the tip. It looked amazing. Just my kind of thing. I waved it and everything repaired itself. My hair blew up and a bright blue light filled the room. I felt amazing. Happy for once. 

A rare smile broke onto my face. I actually giggled. That won't happen again. 

"Well Miss.Dustan. This wand has chosen you." He took it from me and placed it back in the box. "This particular wand is Ebony wood, 12 and a half inch dragon heart string. A powerful wand, use it well." I held my hand out for the box but he gave it to Lupin. 

"That's my wand!" I exclaimed. 

"Not until September Sarai. I'm sorry." Bill shackled me and pulled me out of the shop. 

"That isn't fair! Why not get the wand in September? Are you trying to torture me?" 

"What is going on here?" Severus came over to us. 

"Nothing Severus. Her wand is very exquisite. Good for the dark arts though. Ebony and dragon heart string." Bill explained. 

"I shall have Albus look it over later. Let's get back to the castle." Severus took off at his speed walk pace again.

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