The Azkaban Kid

Poppy Sarai Dustan is a well known and scary death eater. She has been caught because of Thorfinn Rowle left her. She couldn't apparate so she got caught. She meets friends and enemies, but what is below the mask of evil? BTW she is 11!


11. Chamber Of Secrets

ZhIt was two weeks until the end of the school year. June 5th to be exact. It had been 5 days since I started Occlumency and along with a bit of herbology, that is all me and Severus have been doing. 

I had been a bit annoyed today though. People kept being nasty and taunting me. It was really getting on my nerves. It was a Thursday and I was quite excited for the weekend. Having a colossal headache every day is not nice. 

I guess I can be grateful for one thing, scar face had finally let me have dinner with the other kids again. Although I am not really liking the other children, it's nice to be in a nice environment. 

Yes, before you ask, I'm going soft. I seem to be turning back on myself. This has only happened since I've been at Hogwarts. Seeing all those memories each day, all the time. Making me re-live them. It's making me vulnerable again. 

I'm still cold and nasty to people I don't know or like though. I am by no means a push over or a wussy. 

I dumped my new school bag on my bed and bounded out of the room. 

"Let's go! I'm hungry already!" I exclaimed. Scar face scowled at me and I gave him a little wave. "Show some emotion scarface, if the wind changes you'll be stuck like that." 

"Don't get smart with me jailbird!" He spat back. I was taken aback a bit. 

"A jail what?" I glared. Yep, still got my hot temper. 

"I don't need to explain to you." He grunted as started to leave. I walked over to Lupin and raised an eyebrow at him. 

"Jailbird means someone who had been to prison." He shrugged. He placed his hand on my shoulder and guided me out of the room. Pfft, did you really think they were suddenly going to let me have some freedom? No. 

I sighed and carried on walking with the guard pack. Scarface, Bill, Remus and that Tonks. We walked in silence down to the hall. 

I took my seat at the end of the teacher table and, as usual, students glared at me. Dumbledore finally began the feast and the attention was taken away, luckily. 

I ate some steak pie with gravy and new potatoes and sweet corn. Luckily Scarface wasn't sitting next to me today. Now was my chance to speak to Remus properly. 

"Hey Remus?" He turned a little shocked at my greeting. 

"Sarai?" He raised an eyebrow. 

"Do you actually like this?" 

"Like what?" He seemed confused. 

"Being a stupid guard for a murdering bitch?" Yeh, I was coming to terms with the fact that I was a horrible and disturbed girl. 

"Don't call yourself that Sarai." He scolded. "Yeh, it's ok." 

"Do you get any money though?" He sighed. 

"No actually. The Order is a team, fighting bad an helping good, there isn't any money involved." 

"But I can tell that you need money." I mumbled. I got a sharp smack to the head and saw Scarface behind me. "What?" I spat. 

"Don't talk to me like that. Also, don't talk to Lupin like that. Come on, we are leaving the hall!" 

"Did I sound in anyway nasty when making my comment? Erm, no actually." I glared at him before turning to Remus. "I didn't mean it in a nasty way Remus." My voice softened slightly. The only people I used this voice for was Sirius and Remus, no one else. 

"That's fine. You were right anyway." He smiled. I gave him a small smile back before being dragged from my chair. 

"Jeez Scarface! I can walk!" I exclaimed as he pulled me from the hall. Remus, Bill and Tonks on hot persuit. 

"Well you needed some help." He actually let go. We walked a little longer until an announcement went around the school. 

"ALL PROFESSORS TO THE SEVENTH FLOOR PLEASE. ALL STUDENTS ARE TO GO STRAIGHT TO THEIR COMMON ROOMS OR DORMITORIES AND STAY THERE!" Suddenly a rush of students headed for their common rooms and that was a grey chance. I slipped, expertly, from the group and went into the shadows. 

The 'guards' were calling my name and I stayed in the shadows but moved along the corridor. When I got I a deserted corridor I sped down it but came to an abrupt halt. All the teachers were in a group and I could see two boys peering around the corner. 

"A girl has been taken into the chamber." McGonogal spoke quietly. "This needs to stop. The school will have to be closed. In the meantime, we need to find this chamber, poor Ginny Weasley needs to be saved." The red head boy gasped but no one heard him. 

I watched the professors and suddenly a blonde one ran down the hall. "Sorry I'm late! What's the news?" He said. 

"A girl has been taken to the chamber. You said you knew where the entrance was didn't you Gilderoy?" Severus drawled. 

"Oh...Erm...yes of course!" He held up his hand. "I'll get right on it!" He then turned and left as the others turned in the opposite direction. The boys mumbled together about sir thug and then sped off down the hall. I followed at a slower speed so they didn't know I was there.

I stopped as they entered some classroom. I waited for about 10 minutes and they finally came out. The stupid blonde man was at the point of the two boys wands. 

Once again in the shadows, I follow them until they get to some dingy bathroom. They enter and I peer around the door. 

I hear a funny hissing sounds after a little argument they had and then the sinks started moving. One of the sinks went into the ground and the boys and the man stared at it. 

"You first!" The black haired boy pushed his wand at the blonde boy. 

"Now now boys. Maybe one of you should go first." He tries to run past them but they push him back. He nearly fell down the hole but in the end the red head pushed him. 

I heard his yells and then a thud. 

"Ok Ron. You go next, I think it's safe." The black haired boy said. 

"Ok Harry. Follow if I say to ok?" 'Harry' nodded and then 'Ron' jumped into the hole. 'Harry' followed and I quickly entered the bathroom and stared into the black hole. I couldn't see the bottom at all. 

I take a deep breath and plunge myself into the unknown. The ride is so fast and kind of thrilling. Like a massive slide. 

I exited the tube, non to gracefully, on some bones of some sort. 

"Ahh! Harry it's that Azkaban girl!" 'Ron' screeches. I held my hands up. 

"Listen here!" I sneered. "Just shut up and carry on with your little job. You won't even know I'm here." I stepped back and watched. 'Harry' shrugged and seemed to probably understand the fact that I'm useless without a wand. 

"Harry!" 'Ron' yelled again. "How can you shrug?" 

"Ron! She doesn't have a wand and we have three. She can't hurt us." Then he turned to me. "Stay over there!" He points in front of him where some freaky skin is lying. I hate taking order but I comply. 

I zoned out of another argument for a while. 

" you went mad at the sight if her mangled body and there was nothing I could do to save you." That blonde guy has issues. I turn to see him raise a taped up wand and he shouted, 

"Obliviate!" A big white shine erupted and he flew back and slid to the floor unconscious. 

'Harry' and 'Ron' look at each other and shrug. Then the ceiling begins to rumble and it starts to fall down. The boys jumped in opposite directions and the ceiling caved in. 

Me and Harry were on one side as Ron and blonde were on the other. Ron and Harry speak to each other quickly and then Harry turns to me. 

"We can't get back." Was all he said and he started walking. I followed like a naughty school girl, this place was creepy. 

We seemed to walk forever until we came to a small door. Harry hissed again, weird thing to do, and the door opened. He jumped through and suddenly stopped. I rushed to see why and jumped through as well. 

I gasped at the colossal chamber that lay in front of me. Big stone serpents and a small lake or pool thingy was right at the bottom. It was tiled all the way through ad was very black. It seemed surprisingly light in there though. 

Harry started running and dropped down next to some sort of body. I could here him but another person entered the room. I stayed at the top end and watched the proceedings. 

Harry yelled at the other person, seemed to be a brown haired teenager, and he calmly answered the questions. His voice was a bit annoying actually. The teenager had Harry's wand and wrote in the air. I squinted but could read 'Tom Marvo' something. Then it changed, I couldn't see a word of it. 

I really didn't want to move forward but I decided it was for the best. 

I walked right up to them without then noticing me. I coughed to get their attention and 'Tom' glared at me. 

"Who might you be?" He asked in that weird clam voice. 

"Sarai." I replied shortly. 

"Full name girl." He was getting impatient now. 

"Poppy Sarai Dustan." 

"Oh! A Dustan!" He laughed. "Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws."

"I wanted be a Slytherin actually." I stood slightly taller. "But I'm a Griffindor for some stupid reason." He laughed again. 

"How old are you girl?" 

"I'm just 12." 

"Ha! You acting like 20 year old. Stupid Griffindor. To brave for their own good." He spat. 

"Shut it! You don't know anything!" I yelled. Harry seemed to look slightly anxious at my yelling. 

"Don't speak to the heir of Slytherin like that! Little wretch!" 'Tom' retorted. 

"Don't speak to me like that! Your just some teenager, weirdo!" 

"I'm a mere memory actually. Residing in a diary. I controlled this girl and I could control you just as easily." He smirked sadistically. 

"Don't even think about trying anything with me." Harry was willing the red head girl to wake as I argued with the weirdo. He moved Harry's wand from him and pointed it at me. 

"Crucio!" I immediately fell to the ground and the worst pain ever ripped through my body. It was like every bone was breaking and re healing over and over, my skin was being slice and re healed, 100's white hit irons sticking into me. 

I writhed and screamed and begged for help. I hadn't been so weak and vulnerable in a long time. 

The pain suddenly stopped after what felt like hours, but was only a couple of minutes. 

The 'Tom' asshole, turned to massive stone figure and hissed at it like Harry did. I lay shaking and panting on the ground as the massive mouth opened and out came a snake. A humongous, gigantic, horrendous snake. 

Even though Harry despised every living thing about me, he yelled, 

"Keep your eyes closed!" I shut them immediately knowing that this was no joke. 

He must have done the same. I could hear it slithering around and suddenly i was bound in ropes. Then I heard the screeching of a bird and a little thump. 

"Ha! The headmaster send his songbird and an old hat to his students. Touching." I heard 'Tom' say. 

The snake and Harry seemed to disappear for a while after the bird screeched and from what I could make out, the bird had pecked the snakes eyes. Making it blind. 

I opened my eyes but couldn't love because of the ropes. I glared at Tom who looked livid anyway. My moodiness and cockiness didn't help. 

"Stop staring at me stupid girl!" The wand was raised and I felt myself lift from the ground and suddenly I was slammed into something very, very hard. I tried to hold back the years as I felt a searing pain in my head, legs and back. I could feel a warm liquid on my head and knew it was blood. 

It was wet underneath me as well, it must be some of the lake/pool water. 

I heard running and saw a blurry figure of what I thought to be Harry running. He ran to the girls side again and knelt down. 

I was getting sick of the hissing notice as it started again. Then I heard it, and felt it and saw it, the slithering and then the figure of the massive snake making it's way towards me, I could feel its breath, opened its mouth, going to strike and then...

The screeching of pain filled the entire chamber. The snake flailed around as I watched Harry spear it's mouth with a sword. Weird. Wasn't there before. 

I'm the end it slumped to the floor, dead. Harry ran to the girl again and then fell himself. Tom laughed at Harry and, for some unknown reason, three me across the chamber again. 

I couldn't hold in the tears as everywhere was now hurting. My vision was getting black and spotty. 

I could make out a crying bird, Tom yelling and Harry making a stabbing motion again, but with some small white thing. 

Tom shone really bright and began to fade? Hmmm, strange. 

The girl started to stir and I was clinging onto consciousness. 

That's when I heard like a stampede of feet funning through the chamber. My ropes were released and I yelled out in pain as my limbs lay limp and hurting like hell. 

I cried and cried, I'm such a baby! I just couldn't help it. A couple of people knelt next to me. 

"Sarai?" It's Remus! 

"R-r-Remus?" I croaked.

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