The Azkaban Kid

Poppy Sarai Dustan is a well known and scary death eater. She has been caught because of Thorfinn Rowle left her. She couldn't apparate so she got caught. She meets friends and enemies, but what is below the mask of evil? BTW she is 11!


14. Back to "Normal"

I had been "normal" for about a week now. I was trying to act as though nothing had happened. I hadn't seen Scarface since then. Remus had been treating me like a normal young girl and I was trying to enjoy myself. 

"Breakfast Poppy." Severus knocked on my door. He's been different since that day. I don't know why. Not nice to me or any kinder, but he has just been less harsh to me really. 

I jumped out of bed and pulled on some black jeans and a plain black t-shirt. I walked into the kitchen/dining area and sat at the breakfast bar thing. A little house elf gave me some eggs on toast and I thanked it before it left. 

"Dumbledore has asked me to teach you some defence today." Severus droned. "You shall be allowed your wand for those two hours only and myself and Lupin shall be with you." 

"Ok." I mumbled. He raised an eyebrow at me. 

"Yes sir". I said a bit louder. 

"For some weird reason, Dumbledore has also arranged for you to speak with a Healer for some sort of counselling." He told me. I looked at him confused. 

"I don't need a counseller. I'm not mad or suicidal or anything like that." I argued. What the hell would I need to speak with a healer for? It's rubbish. 

"No. However, you have killed people Poppy." His voice sounded more stern when he said this. 

"Yes I understand". That sentence was horrible to say to me. Always being told about how I am a murderer. Well I'm a mass-murderer. "Fine ill do it." Anything to make me look good. 

"Good. Lupin shall be here any minute now and then we can make our way to the classroom." I nodded and ate the rest of my breakfast. 

Remus arrived not long after I finished. "Good morning Poppy, are you ready for some spells?" He smiled at me. I slapped on a smile and nodded. I stood in between Remus and Severus as we headed to some classroom.

"Well, today I thought you could learn the disarming spell. Is that ok?" Remus asked. 

"Yes Remus it's fine." I stood in front of the two men and waited. Remus took out my wand and handed it to me. I couldn't help but smile as the warmth spread through me. I missed my wand, I had only held it once. 

"Ok. I'll stand here and Severus can stand over there, then we can get started." Remus clapped his hands once and Severus went and stood near the door while Remus stood a few meters away from him. 

"The incantation is 'Expelliarmus'. Speak it to me." Remus ordered. 

"Expelliarmus." I repeated. 

"Good. I'll let Severus do the next bit." I turned to Severus and he just looked emotionless as always. 

"Shoot the spell at my wand and see what happens. I won't try and block it yet." He droned. I breathed in and out a couple of times and pointed my wand at him. 

"Expelliarmus!" The spell hit his wrist and the wand clattered to the floor right near his feet.

"That was good Poppy." Remus smiled. "But that wouldn't help in a fight." 

"I'm sorry but why do I even need defence lessons?" I quieried. 

"It's just teaching you the first year stuff really." He shrugged. 

"Oh ok. Can I do it again?" I asked and he nodded and so did Severus. I pointed my wand at Severus again and repeated the spell. 

"Expelliarmus!" I said a little more forcefully. A light white shot from my wand and it hit him and he fell backwards as I caught his wand. We all seemed shocked for a moment and then I walked to Severus and gave his wand back. "I'm sorry sir." 

"It's fine. That was good." Severus curtly nodded. 

"Thank you."

"Very good Poppy. The hand movement was perfect, you did really well and only your second attempt." Remus praised. He walked to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. 

"Have you done this spell before?" He asked. I wondered for a moment. I'm not sure if I had. I had never actually duelled before, or anything like that. 

"I don't think so." I looked down.

"Nothing to be ashamed of Poppy." Remus said. They let me practice the spell for quite a while before Remus called it a day. "The physiologic healer will be here in about an hour. Let's get some lunch and we shall meet him in Severus' quarters." 

"Ok." I simply answered. I frowned when I gave back my wand, but I didn't say anything. We walked slowly down to the hall which was now void of students. It only had the teachers. 

"Did you learn anything Poppy?" Bill asked me as I sat down. 

"Expelliarmus." I grabbed a couple of sandwiches and ate them before speaking again. "It was fun, but I think I may have hurt Severus." I frowned. 

"Nothing to worry about. He's as hard as an iron nail." He grinned. I gave him a little smile and ate some more. 

"Remus?" I turned towards him. 

"Yes?" He asked as he ate some chicken. 

"Do you think I'll be allowed to learn how to fly?" His eyes turned sad as he looked down at me. 

"I'm sorry but you can't. The ministry won't allow you to, because of so called escaping." He spoke sourly. I just nodded and got on with it. The ministry really don't like me, I mused. Severus was taking forever to eat, it was ridiculous. I had about 45 minutes until that counsellor thing. 

"HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN!" Someone roared from outside the great hall doors. That's strange, the students aren't even here anymore. "I BET IT HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THAT GIRL!" 

The doors banged open and in waltzed the Minister, prick, For Magic. He was holding a newspaper and was walking pretty fast up to the head table. Dumbledore walked in behind him, looking a little sombre. The minister came right in front of me and slammed the newspaper down onto my empty plate, it broke. 

"Oi! Have some respect, you broke the plate!" I moaned. 

"I don't care about the damned plate. Explain that!" He hissed as he jabbed a stubby finger at the front page. I gasped and picked up the newspaper. My grin grew and grew until I was laughing. I stood up and jumped around a bit. 

"Yay! I'm so glad! This is great. I can't believe it." I grinned. I smiled at the picture on the front and and I was so happy. The ministers face was getting redder, almost purple. 

"What is it Poppy?" Remus inquired. 

"Sirius has escaped!" I exclaimed. He suddenly went pale and all the teachers gasped. 

"W-what?" He spluttered. 

"What's wrong? It's a good thing! He didn't even commit the crime anyway." The minister snatched the article back. 

"You helped him didn't you!" He accused. That's not fair! I can't even get away from this place. 

"No I didn't!" I seethed. 

"That's enough Cornelius. Poppy has no possible way of getting away from here. I suggest you join me in my office." Dumbledore spoke wisely and gestured to the big doors. "Meanwhile, you may all carry on with your lunch. I realise you have an appointment Poppy." 

"Yes I do sir." I nodded. "Bye Cornelius." I laughed. He made a strangled noise and stormed after Dumbledore. 

"What's the problem everyone?" I was surprised at he softness of my voice. 

"This is very bad Poppy." Remus sighed and rubbed his temples. 

"Oh. I thought you would be happy. He told me about you Remus. I know I haven't mentioned it before." His head snapped up at that. "You were friends. He seemed pained when he talked about his friends. You are like his brother and-" 

"He is no friend of mine!" He snapped. I've never seen him so angry before. "He's not brother or friend! He's a murderer and a traitor!" He stormed out of the hall and I was totally shocked. 

"Come on." Bill spoke. "Let's get you to that meeting." I just nodded, I was speechless. Me and Bill walked down to Severus' quarters and there was a man sitting with Severus on the couch. When did he leave the hall?

The man hesitantly stood up and walked towards me. He had golden blonde short curly hair, bright green eyes and slightly tan skin. He was wearing a medium blue waistcoat, a white shirt with the sleeves slightly rolled up, a dark, light blue and white tie, black slacks and black leather shoes. He looked pretty handsome. Around the age of 25. 

"Hello Miss.Dustan. My name is Bastian Torchwood." He held out his hand and I hesitantly shook it, he smiled warmly at me. "I'm a Healer and child Psychologist for Saint Mungo's Hospital." His voice was confident and I was beginning to like him already. 

"Hi." Severus stood up and left the room and Bill went to stand outside. 

"Please, take a seat. This is your living space afterall." He chuckled. I took an armchair opposite the couch. "Good. Now, I believe we have some things to discuss." He took out a folder and opened it up. 

"What's that?" I asked. 

"Oh. This is your St.Mungo's file. You've had one since you were born." Wow, I didn't know that. 

"Ok. Speak to me." 

"Well, it talks about your birth, and any problems in your life really. Your parents death, your orphanage and any crimes." I cringed at that. "Right. Where shall we begin then?" 


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