It's the year 2224. Technology has reached its limits. One earpiece. Controls your whole world. And once you are, there is no getting out.


1. Mwisho

MwishoChapter 1


It was only a few years ago when the last lion living on Earth died. His name, if I remember correctly, was mwisho, which meant last in Swahili. I found it hard to imagine more than one of those beautiful creatures had once been standing on this planet. I was a different man then. Back in 2080, I was drawn in to the world of technology, where flying skateboards and holographic TV’s amused the simplest of minds. It was back in those days, where robots were the workers, and we were the masters. I still remember those days like it was yesterday, playing on the latest edition of vision box, or travelling in an underwater car. I was thirteen then, and my mind had not yet seen the true cruelness of technology and how it impacted those around me. My first phone was given to me at my cradle by my aunt and uncle. It was the latest edition too, with a laser keypad and eye functions. And with that, I got a flipbook, a device that flipped the pages of book with the flick of a hand. I was too young, so my parents kept the phone for later, while the flipbook was thrown away. My mother always told me, ‘to have a book is a crime, while to read one, was an embarrassment.’ The government had made a new rule where all trash were kept inside the house because no one was bothered to clean up after us, and it was creating unwanted landfills. So the flipbook was thrown into the overcrowding room.


My absolute favorite toy was my skateboard. It followed me everywhere, like a friend. When I was in a rush, it took me wherever I needed to go, and waited to take me back home. It was an old model; it couldn’t fly, or go underwater. In fact, I now wonder why I liked it so much if all it could do was ride me. The speed wasn’t the best either; the fastest it could travel was only 100 miles. My ambition was to see the sun, and to turn off the lights. We had learnt that the atmosphere outside was dangerous. Apparently, it was filled with gases and chemicals that could suffocate you. Pollution, they called it. But that was not what kept me away. It was the heat. Everyday the temperature was rising. The last time I had checked, it was 223 degrees. But with smart minds and technology, a floating glass surface was built around the earth that kept the temperature suitable.


 At school, my favorite topic was TT, or in other words, Technology Today. School was twice a week, for two whole hours. I hated school, but the only reason I went was for TT.  On other days, I would either play my games, or hang out with my friends at the 12D cinemas. Life was simple, creative and fun. For me. Places like China, though, had no fun whatsoever. The population of China had risen to 5 billion, and the country was poor. Locals could only afford to buy one phone each! Imagine only one phone! Just before I was born, a land called England flooded with water and drowned. More than 5 billion people died that day, and a whole economy was lost.


One day, when I was about 18, I was searching through the trash room when I came across an old flipbook called, ‘The Enchanted Ways’. It was rusting on the edges, but the words were still crystal clear. As I was about to down, I noticed that the authors name surprised me. Ronald Shepherd. I had a fluttering feeling that I had heard his name somewhere, but I just couldn’t remember where. I tucked the book into my coat and got back to my daily routine. That night, a new invention was created. An invention that would change everything. A device that took technology to its limits. And the inventor, was no other than Ronald Shepherd.



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