Hopeless Romatic

Lilly has moved school a number of time but will she find a school with nice friends and a hot boy? Will she ever find a nice enough friend that wont care about her looks or if shes fat?
This is lillys story in the past.


10. Operation time!

               *5minutes until operation time

Jack is freaking out he doesn't want anything on his bum or going in his bum! I kept on saying they it was going to be fine. The doctor said 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 ... 1 0 operation time. Jack put his head down

             * 30 minutes into the operation

Jack is on the edge of screaming his head off. He has had 4 needles and hasn't fainted, they have done his nose but in side its no stop bleeding. Jack said that his bum feels numb.

            * 50 minutes into the operation

The doctor said he has to stay over night because his nose is loosing to much blood. The doctor went next door to speak to his parents I got on the bed and he kissed me while he had the nose stuff in. His bum was hanging out the gown I smacked it and he said he couldn't feel anything because its numb. He waked my bum and then held it, then he hugged me. He started to un button my top and I pulled his gown string and we went under the covers and then the doctor came in with his mum and dad! I buttoned my top back up and greeted them his mum and dad just laughed and said

"Jack! just because you naked doesn't mean you get to have sex with her!"

" DAD!"

      *Over night

I stayed with him over night and then at 1:57 he started chocking on his blood and then started to be sick everywhere. I screamed for the doctor because he couldn't breathe. They came in and then patted his back very hard. He started turning blue...

        * 4:29am

He went out cold he wasn't breathing. I called Jordan and she yelled at me and then I screamed down the phone saying that he isn't breathing! She was down here ASAP.

        * early morning

Jordan finally came! We talked in the hall and I just came out crying

" What about if he doesn't make it!?"

" He will I promise" Jordan ensured

" But you don't do you!" We was called back in the room. They pointed at Jack. Is he dead. Have they cured him.

He got up and asked

" Have you been crying?" I looked up wiping my tears



"Because I thought you was dead!" I dived on him and said I cant believe what happened!

"Can we take that gowned home please?" I asked. The doctor looked at me and said

" Yes!"  

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