Hopeless Romatic

Lilly has moved school a number of time but will she find a school with nice friends and a hot boy? Will she ever find a nice enough friend that wont care about her looks or if shes fat?
This is lillys story in the past.


1. Moving school again !

"Morning sunshine summer is over and a new start in a new school!" My mum said excitedly.

"Do you think I will like this school? Will there be nice friends?" I asked. My mum nodded her head. She left so I could get dressed. I wore pink trousers, my best top from new look and my going out shoes (I might as well make a good impression) I drove to school in my pink car and as soon as I got out these girls was looking at me weird so I got my mirror out of the car. There was nothing there. The girls laughed as came over to me and greeted me there was one called Jordan who was very nice better than the other girls in my old school! There was also Katie, Cally-Anne and Ashley. All of them was pretty. My day could get and better but then it did a cute boy came over saying "Hello cutie are you new to this school?"

"Obviously... if she wasn't she wouldn't be talking to you!" Katie said meanly. "WHY WOULD'NT SHE TALK TO ME?!?" He said looking angry "Because your a loser!" Katie said looking at Jack with the dead eye. "OI!" She said to Katie "I'm so sorry Jack she's in a bad mood her boyfriend has broken up with her!" "Ok bye girls see you later"

"Bye" I said in a sexy voice. I asked Jordan what she had next she said drama and I said so do I. We went of to drama together and as soon as we get there that boy was there standing against the wall by all the pretty girls Jordan sore me staring at him she said that he likes a girl best friend and he chooses a girl friend very slowly! WHATT!! DOES THAT MEAN HE LOOKS FOR PRETTY GIRLS OR... WHAT?

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