Hopeless Romatic

Lilly has moved school a number of time but will she find a school with nice friends and a hot boy? Will she ever find a nice enough friend that wont care about her looks or if shes fat?
This is lillys story in the past.


9. Is there any needles?

                 * In the hospital 2 hours later


Jack had finally woken up it has been 2 hours. The first thing he said was...

" Nice little speech that you whispered in my ear" I blushed  because the doctor looked at me funny but then he said

"I wish my wife would do that all she does is ignore me and call me names and..." me and jack just looked at each other and rolled our eyes. Mean while when school finished the rest of the girls ran in and said

"Jack are you ok? Who did this to you!? I will punch them in the face"

"Well if you listened to Lilly you would know what happened!" Jack said with a smirk They looked at me at me and apologised. Jordan had to go and check on Harry because I think she has left him to long with a kiss.


  Jack had just been told that the punch was that hard he might need a small operation to fix his nose. His face went white I held his hand because he faints whenever he has to have needles. The doctor and I went out the room and had a little talk about the needles she said that if he faints they couldn't carry on the operation because his body wouldn't be naturally flowing. They said there is only one this we could do get him a gown and put a needle in his bum bum. Then I asked but he is gonna faint though she said it was a different type of needle you stick it one the bum and then a little pin goes in and then the pad on the bum will give him the pain killer and numbness. I had to help out by distracting him. We both walked in here it goes.

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