Hopeless Romatic

Lilly has moved school a number of time but will she find a school with nice friends and a hot boy? Will she ever find a nice enough friend that wont care about her looks or if shes fat?
This is lillys story in the past.


8. In the car

In the hospital car I was whispering things in Jacks ear he couldn't hear me then I couldn't hear him breath and me and Jordan looked at each other and we just cried. Katie rung me and she said

" Lilly I'm so sorry for what I did Jordan told me it all in detail. You was drunk and you couldn't help that but the only people who doesn't understand it because they don't believe me ! I'm really sorry and I'm on my way to the hospital." I said a few words but nothing exited. After that I kissed Jack on the lips and he smiled slowly. He's still not breathing well, I am worried

    *Jacks POV

I was in the car and it was so hard to breathe. Lilly was whispering nice thing to me like

"Your going to make it! I love you. I will never let go" it sent shivers down my back. I could hear what the girls where saying Lilly said stuff like do you think he's gonna live? I was laughing in side! I was a bit worried what they was going to do to me.

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