Hopeless Romatic

Lilly has moved school a number of time but will she find a school with nice friends and a hot boy? Will she ever find a nice enough friend that wont care about her looks or if shes fat?
This is lillys story in the past.


11. Home sweet home!

When Jack was free to go I drove him home because I didn't think he was stable enough. As soon as we get to my house with Jordan. She went straight into my cupboards and got a pizza for tea Jack asked

"You do you that Jordan is having your pizza ?"

"Yeah I don't mind! Anyway how are you?" Jack looked at me and just smiled

"I'm fine, just fine! If I'm with you I'm good!" I just did a little aw and cuddled with him. He went to kiss me but Jordan jumped in the middle with her pizza and turned on the TV and said

" What's on tonight?" Me and Jack just looked at each other and laughed. I asked Jack if he wanted to sleep round because my mum and dad was on holiday. He rang his mum this was the conversation (his phone is really loud)

"Mum can I sleep at Lilly's please because she wants to make sure I'm ok?"

"Don't you want me to look after you?"

" Yes but I want to stay with her"

" Sure you can whatever you feel comfy with !"

"Ok love you bye bye" Jordan looked at me with a puppy dog face . I asked her if she would like to stop as well.  She said yes. It was very late so I went up and set up the beds. Me and Jack would  sleep in my double bed and Jordan would sleep on my single bed. I went to bed and played on my phone texting Jack he was saying Jordan had fell asleep he said he's going to pick her up and put her in to bed. Jack turned the TV off and put Jordan to bed and then got in bed and I was failing to sleep. All I could hear is Jordan texting Harry!  Jack started hugging me.

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