Friendly Love. ♥

A girl who is inlove with her guy best friend. But this guy has already a girl. Will he accept her feelings? Find out more!


1. Fary Orva Ayami

Well, My name is Fary Orva Ayami but most of the people call me "Far" for short. I'm 17 years of age. I live with my grandmother somewhere in Japan. I have blonde long hair and I have blue eyes and I REALLY LOVE LOLITA DRESSES. I have my collection on my room. I am an average girl studying at Hakuo High. I am shy, calm, quite and loves playing violin. My favourite colours are red, light blue, pink, orange and black. I love sweets, puppies, kittens, lolita dresses, violin and of course MY CRUSH. He is so sweet but I'm sure he can't remember me now because of the accident a month ago. He had an amnesia. I'm so sad because of that but I'm happy because he's alive.


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