Love games

Evelyn Ross is going through a drama since childhood, which is amplified as a result of some events occurring during highschool. Things that make her change, to no longer be her. Will she be able to found herself and become again who she was? Will she be able to get over lies, disappointments and betrayals? Will she have part of love?

*English is not my first language so please pe gentle with me. You can tell me what mistakes I have, cuz the grammar is not my strong point.:)


1. Prologue

When the Prince disappeared from the landsape she made evrething to chase the pain. She didn't bear to suffer and runned away, not facing the reality. On top she thougt she's smart. Less she cared, another after another. Until the next, entertrainment, drinks and clubs. The second day, the confrontation with the dark circles and depression. And now? A cocktail of magic to ward off negative feelings and some running after another, just one nail drives out another. She knew cures for any pain. Expert in alternative medicine: parties, travelling, champagne and psychedelic substances. A real ambulance encyclopedia. Solitude searches security.And she was looking for it out, at him, at the next. Then she was founding herself dissatisfied, empty, looking back after another, again. Always wondering what is this. Was she wierd, had a male brain? Living in a constant struggle to understand a human way of being, her way, ultimately. Looking in the left and right, in the backyard of others she didn't understand why they stay and she leaves. What kind of human she was? She was wondering. Weird? Sick? Compromise? Cursed? For her the daily life with him was difficult to manage when the spell, the hormonal chemistry were consumed . She couldn't find any reason to stay and leaved. Continually in love with the love and always in a untiring search of Another.
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