The Mirror (One Shot) (Original) (English)


1. The Mirror.

I was watching her tears, that were falling down her face. Her arms were still bleeding after the last time she was cutting. She was tired of crying, tired of trying, to be someone she never will be. She fold her sleeves down so that no one could see the scars and open wounds. No one should see how much she hate herself. But I saw it.

She took the glass with water and drank a little bit of it.

She took a scissor from the drawer, a little piece of her long dark brown hair, cut it of and let it drop to the floor. She took a little piece more, cut it of and let it drop to the floor. And after 5 minutes, she was almost done.

She fold her sleeves up again, to take a look on her tattoo. 'Stay' on the left arm and 'Strong' on the right,

What a joke” she said. “My hole life is a joke.”

But her life wasn't a joke at all. She had been bullied everyday since the fourth grade, and were still being bullied now, in the ninth grade.

In the beginning she was laughing at the bullies and said “Yearh right! And that's not true at all”, but after a few months she start to believe the bullies, and start thinking that she actually was ugly, stupid and all the other things they called her. She lost all her friends, no one would be seen with her, they were afraid to be bullied too, they were afraid of her.

My life is a mess, a complete mess.” she said.

She took the bottle with pills and unscrew the lid. Her beautiful green eyes look into my green eyes.

And then, I realise, that I was watching myself in the mirror.


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