Summer Love Can't Last Forver. can It?


Gracie just graduated high school and ran into a dilemma with her highschool sweetheart. Now she is on her way to California for a new life away from her small town and careless family. But on her way to Cali something terrible happens and she meets her summer love. What is in store for Gracie next


2. in and out and on the plane

I walked home with my diploma in hand until I reached my house. I walked around back to a boarded up window. I grabbed a piece of the broken wood and opened it. I had used this window as a door since I was 10 cause I wouldn't be able to leave the house otherwise.

I climbed through the window and landed in my room. I grabbed my old beat up book bag and packed up my stuff from my money to my blanket and toothbrush and clothes. I wrote a quick note to my foster family just in case and hopped out the window and closed it and started walking to the airport.

Luckily we only live 6 miles from the airport so I got there by the end of the day. I entered the airport and walked right up the the ticket counter and asked for the next ticket to Hollywood, California. The lady said that the next flight was in ten minutes and my total was 50$. I paid her and thanked her. Then I hurried through security to my gate. I got there just In time and boarded the plane. The flight attendant pointed me to my seat and I sat down in seat 6E.

A lot of people walked by as I kept hoping none of them would sit next to me. Just then I saw a very attractive young man. He had chestnut curls and mesmerizing green eyes. We locked eyes as he approached my seat and sat next to me.

"Hello, I'm Harry. Harry styles." He said while smiling at me.

"Hello,Harry, I'm gracie." I said smiling back.

He smiled again just then I realized his adorable dimple and awed out loud. He chuckled lightly and asked "what?" I pointed at his dimple and laughed and he laughed too.

We had a nice long conversation. He told me about his mom Anne, and sister Gemma. He told me that his parents were divorced and that he got along well with his stepdad Robin. I told him about my life too. From my parents and brother to today. He was really understanding about the whole thing. It was such a long flight that I fell asleep in his shoulder and woke up to him shaking me.

" we're here." He said in his deep British accent.

I woke up and we walked to the baggage claim together just talking. We got our stuff and I checked my bag and realized that all of my money was gone! I began to breath heavily and I started to cry. Harry seemed really surprised and worried and asked" hey hey what's wrong?" As he held my shoulders.

"All of my money is gone!" I said trying to pull myself together.

" it's ok my parents got me a suite here in Hollywood. You can stay with me." He said consoling me and holding me tight. I breathed and considered my options and decided to take his offer. This was definitely a change of plans.

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