Summer Love Can't Last Forver. can It?


Gracie just graduated high school and ran into a dilemma with her highschool sweetheart. Now she is on her way to California for a new life away from her small town and careless family. But on her way to Cali something terrible happens and she meets her summer love. What is in store for Gracie next


1. deal

Gracie's POV

"I present to you, the class of 2013" everyone threw their caps up in the air along with some tp and silly string. Today was the day. The day I finally can leave and forget this school and all of the dark memories that lurk in its halls. Today is the day I graduate. I have my diploma and I am ready to go. As all of my fellow students threw their caps in the air and hugged their friends and cried on their shoulders I smiled soulfully to myself.

Then I frowned. I was troubled. There was only one thing in this entire town that kept me here and that was star quarter back Alex Stephens. I had had a huge crush on him through out all four years of highschool. We even went out once. That was softmore year. Then he dumped me for Hannah the captain of the cheer squad. I knew he still had feelings for me though I just don't know how strong they are. I needed to find out if there was still chemistry between us.

It was decided I would ask him in the halls after graduation and if he still liked me I would stay if he didn't then I would leave for California to start my new life. Deal.

I was the last one out of the gym after the ceremony. I had waited by the door for Alex. He never walked out the door. After everyone was gone it was dead silent in the gym. You may be wondering where my family is. Well, they're all dead except my brother who could care less about me. My foster family doesn't care about me either. So basically I was alone. I live with my family but I lived in the basement with an old mattress, a blanket, a pillow, and a jar. That jar held all of my savings from six jobs. In that jar was exactly 1,000$ that was going to get me to California and an apartment.

I stood by the door thinking about what to do when I heard banging on the metal bleachers. I walked over towards the sound with the heels of my boots clacking only to find my ex best friend Sydney and Alex stumbling out from under the bleachers. She was fixing her pink dress and her short blonde hair, while Alex fixed his belt. It was pretty easy to see what had happened. Sydney glared at me with her big brown eyes. Then she said,"Don't tell Jesse!" Jesse was her boyfriend of 3 years and they did everything together except what she and Alex had just done. Jesse refused to do it with her at all because he wanted it to be special. Obviously this wasn't what Sydney wanted.

I just looked at them with disgust and walked away. That settles it. I'm going to California.

As I was walking away Alex grabbed my arm and spun me around to face him. "It isn't what it looks like!" Alex tried to tell me seeing how I was blood boiling mad because Sydney knew i liked him . You may be wondering why we're not friends anymore. Long story short, she has a big mouth and little respect for life long friends so I friend dumped her. Anyways at this point I was ready to blow.

"Oh yeah Alex then what is it? Cause it definitely doesn't look like you were doing the deed with me ex bestfriend under the bleachers during graduation!" I yelled at him.

He looked taken aback at my explosion then said," I was lonely and desperate! Hannah won't do anything and neither will Jesse so we just kinda did it. Please don't be mad."

Naturally though I was beyond mad at this point and thought of something to say that wouldn't get me into anything fight wise. So, I said,"Why do you care"

He rubbed his neck slightly flexing his biceps which was really Hott but I tried not to notice as he said." I still like you."

I was shocked. I thought for a moment and came to my decision. " you're too late. I'm going to California."

He looked surprised and simply nodded.his big blue eyes looked sad, but I knew in that moment that he wasn't the one for me. "I'm sorry" is all he said before he walked away. I began my walk home thinking about what all would be waiting for me In California.


This is a Harry styles fan fiction so stay with me it will get there. THANK YOU FOR READING I LOVE YOU ALL!!

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