My Bully (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

I'm another girl stuck in a living hell called school. There, I have bullies. But what will happen when my bully is Niall Horan?
"Are you afraid of me?" he smirks down at me. I shake my head, "N-no" "Well, babe.. You should be"


23. delete

hi guys.

i will be deleting all of my stories some time soon.

i am deleting this because i feel guilty.

i feel like i just copied other people's stories.

so, i will be deleting every story i have in wattpad, movellas, quotev,


i will be making an original story.

i want someone to make it with me.

anyone up for it?

if you are really up for it, email me in

and from there, we'll start.

i hope to see you all very soon.


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