My Bully (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

I'm another girl stuck in a living hell called school. There, I have bullies. But what will happen when my bully is Niall Horan?
"Are you afraid of me?" he smirks down at me. I shake my head, "N-no" "Well, babe.. You should be"


21. Chapter 16

A/N okay, so, I'm terribly sorry for not updating for like weeks. it's just that, there are so much stuff that's keeping me busy.. last week i had my birthday, so yay! and I'd like to make some shoutouts to; 1. niallerismyloveboy13! thank you so much for giving me the idea to not change jessica's parents, "it's not about age it's about how much you love that person". 2. authorityofauthor! thank you so much for dedicating a chapter of your new book for me on my birthday, you're a great friend, jacquelyn! everybody read her book; Te New Beginning. she's a great author and deserves to have more reads on her books.. so go now! Oh, and here's an update for My bully, I hope you like it, and sorry for the long author's note ;p enjoy~

“Where were you yesterday? I was searching the whole cafeteria at lunch yesterday!” Jacquelyn burst out on me for ditching her yesterday afternoon when I left to go to the cliff. “Sorry, I had to clear my head out yesterday.. Wait, you were searching for me to the WHOLE cafeteria ALONE?! I can’t even walk over the cafeteria alone..” I said to her, explaining myself. “Well, Zayn helped” she smiled, sheepishly. “Aw okay well thanks for looking for me anyways” I stuck out my tongue at her. “So, what happened after you cleared your head out? Niall was looking for you as well, but he left school grounds, I didn’t left cause I didn’t bring my car” Jacque says. “Whoa, wait, you have a car?! I didn’t know you had a car! I’ve never seen the car! Why didn’t you tell me?” “Chill, Jess, it’s just a car.. Besides my parents gave it on my birthday a couple days ago!” she explains to me. It was Jacquelyn’s birthday and didn’t congratulate her?! “How come you didn’t tell me it was your birthday? I could’ve said something to you” I said, looking down, sighing. “Hey, it’s just a birthday, let’s just go to your place and watch America’s Next Top Model!” she shushed me, I rolled my eyes and closed my locker. All this time I had been searching for this little thing called my journal, but it’s not with me, and to say the truth I’m frustrated. As long as I remembered, I always put it stashed in either my locker, my bag or under my pillow at home. And it wasn’t on my locker and it also wasn’t on my bag, so I guess, going home would be the right choice.

Me and Jacquelyn walked out to the parking lot. “So, did you bring your car today then?” she nodded answering my question. She walked over and take out her car keys and a car beeped, signalling that to be her car. “Wow.. It’s beautiful, Jacque” I praise her car. “Don’t call her an it!” she whisper-shouted. “I thought calling a vehicle a ‘she’ only works for guys” I shrugged. It’s true, I do, cause wouldn’t it be weird for girls? She rolled her eyes and chuckled, “It works for everybody, jess” “Not me” I cracked a small laugh.

“So.. What happened between you and Niall while I was gone? I don’t even think he’s the same monster before I left..” Jacquelyn asked me. After, we reached home, I made another hot chocolate for Jacque and I. And I guess, it reminded her when Niall tortured her with hot beverages last time. I rolled my wheelchair outside to give Jacque her drink. Yes, Mrs. Cole gave me another wheelchair. ‘Just a couple more days’, she said. “Oh, well, he found something out when Mrs. Cole invited him over..” I sighed, remembering that day. “Jacque, I used to cut.. That’s what he found out, a-and he felt terrible that he is the cause of scars in my skin, because we used to be the best of friends” I explained to her. She looked down, a little disappointed to the fact that she didn’t know I cut. “Can I see?” once she said that, I literally knew what she wanted to see. I pulled up my sweater sleeve and she gasped at the sight. “I know, it’s horrible, but I’m trying to stop..” I gave her a small smile in which she returns with a hug. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you Jess” “Come on, Jacque, don’t make me feel guilty.. Besides, you didn’t know, so I was okay with it” I shrugged.

After that, both; me and Jacquelyn told each other secrets. Yeah, it seems childish but we were bored okay. Besides, it wasn’t much of a childish secret, Jacque told me that she and Zayn got a thing going on when they were ‘searching’ the whole cafeteria yesterday. And I told her about Niall and I yesterday and some last couple of days. “I don’t know Jessica, I’m still quite scared of him” she confess to me. At the same time, I see Niall getting out of his house and walked to our direction. “Well, don’t say that now cause here he comes” I smile as Niall waved at me. “How come you got a new wheelchair already? Didn’t I tossed it to the cliff yesterday?” Niall asked. Which caused Jacque’s mouth to hang open, “You what?” “Relax, Jacque.. Mrs. Cole told me to use the wheelchair for a couple more days.. You better not destroy this one either, Niall, or Mrs. Cole will burst out in anger and hunt you down” I stick my tongue out at him, which he returned and laughed. Jacquelyn shifted uncomfortably., Niall saw the look on Jacquelyn’s face. She was still terrified. “I’m gonna go get another bag of marshmallows..” I walk out of the awkward place and rolled to the kitchen. Both of them needs to fix things up anyway.


“Hey, can we just start over?” I ask Jacquelyn. “I’m sorry I bullied you and Jessica, I didn’t know what got into my head the day I start despising both of you.. I can’t believe I was the one who even got her to cut.. I’m not gonna tell a sobby story but I’m going straight to the point, will you just forgive me and start over?” I explained to her. She nods at me, “You helped her get better, Niall, thank you for being here for her when I wasn’t.. I see your eyes and somehow I know there’s a little feeling growing somewhere in you that you have towards my little Jessica.. Just, don’t hurt her, okay? She’s much too fragile already..” she accepted my apology! I opened my arms to give her a hug in which she gladly returned. “Oh, and will you help me?” “Help you for what?” I ask her. “Could you like.. set me up with your friend, Zayn?” she said in a fast-speed. Which caused me to chuckle, “You just talked to him yesterday and you already called dibs on my mate? Tsk, tsk, shame on you” I laughed, jokingly, and surprisingly, so did she. Then, her laughing stopped. “Wait, how did you know we talked?” “He might’ve told me yesterday” I winked at her, playfully but not flirty.

Maybe Jacquelyn is right, I do have feelings for Jessica. I just don’t how and when should I start a move. Just then, Jessica rolled out with 3 bags of marshmallows. “I see we’re all friends here.. Movie?” she asked both me and Jacquelyn while swallowing another marshmallow. I chuckled and looked over to Jacquelyn and she nods, “Yeah, sure! We watching horror?” I asked them, smirking. While they’re eyes bulging out of their eye sockets.

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