My Bully (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

I'm another girl stuck in a living hell called school. There, I have bullies. But what will happen when my bully is Niall Horan?
"Are you afraid of me?" he smirks down at me. I shake my head, "N-no" "Well, babe.. You should be"


13. A/N

A/N okay guys, I actually finished a chapter in just one night :) so make it 3 chapters this week! Woohoo, I'm on fire! Haha jk. But I already finished chapter 11, I just need a little something for you guys :) I promise to update chapter once this book reaches 700 reads :D so far in wattpad it's 691 while in movellas it's only 655 reads. I will update/upload it once both wattpad and movellas reaches 700! So, comment, vote, favorite, like this book and help get it to 700 reads so you can enjoy chapter 11 ;D I'll keep count on the reads x

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