My Bully (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

I'm another girl stuck in a living hell called school. There, I have bullies. But what will happen when my bully is Niall Horan?
"Are you afraid of me?" he smirks down at me. I shake my head, "N-no" "Well, babe.. You should be"


18. A/N Competition!!

Another competition! Yay!! :D so this one is kind of easy.. There was a moment when 1 of you commented about the age difference of Simon Cowell and Barbara Palvin (Jessica's parents). So, I need you to find a couple that is perfect enough to be Jessica's parents. But in every competition, there are always rules.


1. You must follow (wattpad and quotev users) or fan (movellas users) me. ;D

2. Just follow rule number 1 :p

Okay, okay, I'm not really that good in making rules.. But, who likes rules anyway! You can't tame me! Muahahahahahahah xD okay, okay, continue..


Come up with a couple (single or not is fine) to become Jessica's parents. It's like a shipping.


All you need to do is comment your idea and your complete name in the comment section and don't forget to follow or fan me or your entry won't be valid. So.. Do it :)


As usual, only 1 will win. The winner gets to be the main character in my new book 'Passing Through'. I know it has already Lucy Hale in it, but I'll change it to your name. Yayyyy!

Due Date:

The competition will start from 6 January 2014 (today) until 9 January 2014. The timing will be based on my timezone. If you submit your entry after 9 January 2014, you won't be able to join, sorry :( so comment your ideas and name now!

So, I'm looking forward for your ideas! Start commenting! Don't forget to vote, favorite and like this story! Thank you!

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