My Bully (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

I'm another girl stuck in a living hell called school. There, I have bullies. But what will happen when my bully is Niall Horan?
"Are you afraid of me?" he smirks down at me. I shake my head, "N-no" "Well, babe.. You should be"


19. A/N Cancelled!


I am extremely sorry about not updating sooner or later, because I've been quite busy with school. I suppose there won't be any winner at all, this time.. I'm pretty bummed at the fact that only two of you entered the competition. :(((

But, I will update this as soon as I finished updating for the 3rd chapter of Passing Through. So, I'm desperately sorry for you guys who has entried.. Please, please, don't unfollow :(

But, but, but but, but, even though you don't get a main prize, the winner still gets a prize! And the person will get to be featured in this story!! Yayyyy!! :) I hope that'll satisfy you and won't stop reading My Bully :) I'm desperately soory but it's not much of a competition if there's only 2 contestants..

Either way, I love you guys, I still keep noticing all the reads, the favorites, the votes, the follows, the likes, everything. And I want to thank you all so much for this. Thank you for the (more than) 5K reads and the 183 votes on wattpad; the 2K reads, the 103 likes, the 142 favorites on movellas; the 821 reads and 21 favorites on quotev.

I appriciate all of this so, very much.. You have no idea.. It's just, being the huge nerd I am, I am trying really hard to keep up with society in school, and I have got to say, it is kind of hard.. :(

Just, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you very, very, very, very much! :D I love you, guys! Keep on commenting! <3 x

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