Hi guys! This is going to be a oneshot series- about you and your OC's!
Do you have a pairing you like in a fandom? (Uh, within what fandoms I like)
Just give me some stuff about the two OC's, fandom pairings, or whatever, and I'll see if I can come up with a story!
Right: While I do respect everyone's fandoms, I can't write about fandoms I don't like, or don't know about. I do not write Yaoi or Yuri either. While I don't hate One Direction, I WON'T writes stories on them. Sorry!



OC's (Please Fill all of this out if you want OC story! This is very important!)

Name: (Full name if possible!)



Eye Colour:

Hair Colour:

Backstory (History):

Pairing with: (Can be another OC, or someone in a fandom; For my sake, please tell me a little about them if they are from a fandom! If another OC, please fill out another form for the other OC.)





Fandoms that I know about (More will be added over time!)


-Hunger Games


-Phoenix Wright

What fandom are you requesting? If I know the said fandom I will add it to the list! If not, tell me what you want to see, and I'll check it out! ( Anything from Books, Anime, Games..)


((Please note: I can not update every day! While I will try to update frequently, Movellas doesn't let you copy things from word documents into the story editer/writer! It may take a while to upload! Plus I live in Australia so my time zone is different from America's/ Other places!))


Thank You for reading!


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