In The End

Kathy Johnson is a talented girl, she can sing, dance, act, play guitar, play piano, write songs etc.. after meeting a boy - Harry Styles - she auditions for the X factor only to meet another boy - Niall Horan - and of cause the others in the band but Niall stands out to her. after the X factor she meets another boy - Luke Hemming's - but he is not the same. Who is the right boy for her and will she get everything she has dreamt about while making her choice? what will happen 'In The End'?


9. Niall Horan

With me and Harry spending more and more time together people were suspecting that something was going on between us. There isn't! I prefer us being like this, friends, it felt more natural. Our schedule's were so busy; Rehearsal's, Rehearsal's, Rehearsal's then of cause the performance every Saturday. It can get so tiring! Last week I wasn't in the bottom two and survived the first week. the viewers must have liked my performance. The next one was in two days, I start to get nervous around this time.

I was sleeping in my really comfy bed when I was awoken by my phone ringing. Rebecca and Cher were heavy sleepers so I knew they wouldn't wake up. I looked at the time, 11:30, who would be ringing at this time? I picked up my phone to see it was Ruby - my cousins daughter (Not Scarlet's) - I answered the call.

"Hello?" I sat up in bed and said it as quietly as I could but so she could still hear me.

"Hi Kathy, I know its late but I cant sleep. Can you play me my lullaby?" How did I know she was going to ask that? I got out of bed and went down stairs where I knew there was a piano.

"Ok, give me a minute..." I arrived at the piano, placed my phone on the top and began to play the familiar tune Ruby called her lullaby.

"Thanks Kathy..." She said once I had finished then yawned. I smiled.

"Go to sleep now Ruby."

"Night Kathy." She hung up and I stood to go back to bed. As I turned I noticed I wasn't alone. Niall was standing at the door, looking at me. Well this was awkward.

"That was beautiful Kathy." He told me walking towards me. "But I know someone more beautiful." He was standing right in front of me. As he was a little bit taller than me I was looking up at him. I saw how dreamy his bright, blue eyes were. So dreamy... Wait, right, he told me he knew someone more beautiful...

"Who?" I asked still staring into his eyes as he stared into my, almost grey yet, blue eyes.

"You" He replied, making me blush and look away. I felt Him place his warm, soft fingers under my chin and lift it up gently so I had to look at him. "Kathy, do you believe in love at first sight?" I tilted my head to the side thoughtfully.

"Honestly, I didn't..." I stopped, biting my lip.

"Didn't?" He looked confused.

"Until... I met you..." I looked away blushing again. Strong arms wrapped around my waist.

"Can I take you on a date, maybe? because I feel the same way..." I gasped a little but nodded and smiled. He felt the same way. I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"See you in the morning Niall." I unwrapped his arms from around me and skipped happily all the way to my bedroom, hearing him laugh quietly behind me. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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