In The End

Kathy Johnson is a talented girl, she can sing, dance, act, play guitar, play piano, write songs etc.. after meeting a boy - Harry Styles - she auditions for the X factor only to meet another boy - Niall Horan - and of cause the others in the band but Niall stands out to her. after the X factor she meets another boy - Luke Hemming's - but he is not the same. Who is the right boy for her and will she get everything she has dreamt about while making her choice? what will happen 'In The End'?


16. Hello old friend

"Thank you everyone!" I shouted into my specially designed microphone, its light blue - my favourite colour - with fake diamonds on the bottom. "You've been great!" I waved and blew a kiss to the audience and jumped down the hole in the stage landing on an airbed.

"Great show Kathy, great show." Jamie was shuffling from foot to foot with a big smile on his face. People normally shuffle when their nervous or embarrassed, Jamie does it when he is extremely happy. Brian walked over to me and picked me up, putting me on his back and gave me a piggyback to the tour bus. He did this after every show, I get really tired. When we got to the bus I was taken by surprise to see Harry standing outside.

"Hello old friend!" I shouted to him as Brian put me down. Harry put his arms out and I ran to him. He picked me up, spun me round and brought me in for a hug. "What are you doing here?" We both had big smiles on our faces. It was great to see his smile again.

"Me and the boys are on tour to, thought I'd come see you while we were here!" It really was great to see him.

"Where are the other boys?" His smile turned to a frown, I knew something was up.

"I had to sneak out, if I had told them Niall would not have been happy..." Niall, Niall, Niall... I started to cry. Harry raised his eyebrows in confusion.

"Kathy?" I turned to see Luke walking towards me. He saw my tear strained face. "What did you do to her?!" He ran towards Harry. If it was possible stream would be coming out of his ears.

"Luke, he did nothing." I stood protectively in front of Harry placing my hand on Luke's chest, stopping him from moving. He looked at me. Anger was all I saw in his eyes. "He did nothing..." He seamed to calm at those words. He took my hand in his and we turned to Harry.

"I'm Harry, Kathy's best friend." He held out his hand and Luke shock it firmly. "Would you two like to join me and the others for dinner or lunch tomorrow?"

"Who is 'the others'?"

"Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall."

"We will come to dinner." I rolled my eyes at the fact Luke didn't ask me. I would have said yes, but still...

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